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The State of the Industry 2024: 36 Experts Reflect on the Past Year and Predict What's Ahead For Us Now

April 26, 2024

The Sound of Success: How Record Breaking Domain Deal Maker Andrew Miller Keeps Hitting the Highest Notes

June 12, 2024

Story Title Date Archived
How Dynadot's Todd Han Turned a One Man Show Into One of the World's Fastest Growing Domain Registrars

Jan. 16, 2024

Andrew Rosener's Amazing Ride From Historic New England to Domain Sales Nirvana

Sept. 19, 2023

With Economic Uncertainty Everywhere Andrew Rosener Details the Impact on Domains and Why The Best is Yet to Come

May 15, 2023

The State of the Industry 2023: How 21 Domain Experts Fared in '22 and What They Are Forecasting for '23

March 29, 2023

Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry 2022: 22 Domain Pros Explain the 2021 Boom and Predict How This Year Will Play Out

July 13, 2022 

How a Company Started from Scratch Scored Big With a Side Product, Became a Global Powerhouse and Spent Millions to Buy IT.com

Sept. 8, 2022

How NamesCon Global's Joyous Return to Real Life Re-Energized the Domain World

Dec. 19, 2021

How GoDaddy Domain President Paul Nicks Proved the Long Way Around Can Still Lead to the Top

Jan. 19, 2023

The State of the Industry 2021: Two Dozen Domain Experts Detail How Covid Changed the Business in 2020 and What to Expect Next

July 1, 2021

Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry 2020: 22 Domain Pros Dissect 2019 & Predict What's Coming in the New Year & Decade Ahead May 22, 2020
Can Domains Win a War With Covid-19? A Dozen Leading Brokers Weigh in On Business Conditions Now and What Happens Next Jan. 20, 2021
Story Title Date Archived
It Pays to Be Patient: How Michael Castello & Walt "Baby" Love Landed a $1.5 Million Deal for Room.com Dec. 11, 2019
The State of the Industry 2019: 21 Experts from Across the Industry Assess 2018 and Predict What Lies Ahead July 9, 2019
Jeff Gabriel is Back! Record Breaking Domain Broker Launches Saw.com with New Partner Amanda Waltz Jan. 27, 2020
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry 2018: 24 Leading Domain Experts Analyze What Happened in 2017 and Tell You What to Expect Next March 27, 2018
Women For the Win! How An Influx of Talented Female Professionals Is Transforming the Domain Industry For Good April 30, 2018
What's the Big Idea? Erik Bergman Explains Why He Spent $900,000 for Great.com July 31, 2018
Breaking the Mold: How Poet Kate Buckley Mastered the Art of Domain Sales Jan. 3, 2019
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry 2017: 17 Experts Dissect 2016 and Forecast What's Coming in the New Year March 6, 2017
Adapt or Die: How Alan Dunn Embraced Change to Master Domains and Find a New Mission in Life June 26,2017
One of the World's Great Domain Portfolios is On the Market - Why Skip Hoagland Decided It's Time to Sell November 16, 2017
The Warmuz Way:  How Trellian Has Triumphed for 20 Years Despite the Tragic Loss of a Founder December 22, 2017
Never Give Up! How Tough Times Turned George Verdugo Into a Successful Entrepreneur January 24, 2018
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry 2016: A Rising Tide from China Lifted All Boats Last Year - Now 13 Experts Predict What Will Happen Next Feb. 29, 2016
Jeff Gabriel's Journey From Small Town Boy to World Record Breaking Domain Broker  May 3, 2016
The Amazing Adventures of Angie Graves: How the Writing, Rocking, Web Wizard Became a Domain Industry Pioneer July 6, 2016
How Former Army Airborne Officer Wayne Wheat Went from Jumping Out of Planes to Selling High End Domains August 15, 2016
A Matchmaker Made in Heaven: How Barbara Neu Helps Domain Investors Build Priceless Relationships October 31, 2016
The Comeback Kid: How .CLUB's Colin Campbell Rebounded From a $100 Million Setback and Took a Lead Role in Reshaping the Web December 27, 2016
From Sorrow to Success: How Lori Anne Wardi Turned Her Woes Into Resounding Wins January 18, 2017
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry 2015: After a Big Leap Forward in 2014 Experts Think the New Year Will Be Even Better April 13, 2015
Building .Buzz: How Bill Doshier Wound Up Running His Own Domain Registry and Why He Believes in New gTLDs May 31, 2015
Separate Bedrooms: Domains & Hosting Are a Perfect Match So How Come We Don't See Each Other More Often?  June 29, 2015
View from the Top: How Mountain Climbing Multi-Tasking Super Mom Tessa Holcomb Achieves Peak Performance at Home and in the Office  July 31, 2015
The Paul Stahura Story - How He Went from Building Robots to Reconstructing the Domain World Sept. 11, 2015
The New Land of Opportunity? An Inside Look at India's Emerging Domain Market Sept. 22, 2015
Ilze's Odyssey: How a Daughter of Latvian Immigrants Wound Up Rocking the Domain World  November 27, 2015
Dreaming About Turning Your Domain Into a Booming Online Business? Better Call Sol! December 16, 2015
A Walking Miracle: After Getting a Second Chance at Life Richard Lau is Determined to Give Back  January 27, 2016
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry January 2014: 17 Domain Experts Dish on What Happened in 2013 & How the Dawn of New gTLDs Will Impact 2014 Feb. 27, 2014
The Amazing Ascent of Whisky.com: How Michael Castello Turned a Free Domain Into a $3.1 Million Sale June 23, 2014
Quality Trumps Quantity: Lessons Learned from T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West 2014 Sept. 4, 2014
The Domain World's Leading Diplomat: How Jothan Frakes Has Broken Down Barriers and Brought People Together  Oct. 7. 2014
The 10 Most Memorable Moments in T.R.A.F.F.I.C. History & The 10 Best Reasons to Attend the 10th Anniversary Show at Miami Beach    Nov. 28, 2014
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East 2014: A Pictorial Review from an Unforgettable 10th Anniversary Show on Miami Beach Dec. 8, 2014
New Dream Team? Kellie Peterson & Mike Robertson Have Moved to Tampa to Help Make DNC's Wish for Explosive Growth Come True  Jan. 30, 2015
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry January 2013: 15 Industry Experts Analyze 2012's Most Significant Events and Predict What's Ahead in 2013 March 5, 2013
Webfest Global's Maiden Voyage: Why the 2013 Conference Set Sail With a New Name and a Different Game March 31, 2013
Nothing But Net: Fred Mercaldo's Fascinating Journey from Steelworker to Geodomain Statesman April 29, 2013
Rook's Rise: How a 10-Year Journey Helped 2-Year-Old Rook Media Become a Domain Monetization Darling June 10, 2013
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas 2013: A Pictorial Review of the Big Show at the Bellagio July 1, 2013
Have Gavel Will Travel: How Globe-Trotting Domain Defender Paul Keating Became One of the Industry's Top Attorneys August 1, 2013
How Bill Karamouzis Plans to Change the World With a Big Idea and a Bold Domain Buy August 28, 2013
Rising Star: How 27-Year-Old Warren Buffett Disciple Daniel Negari Is Building an Internet Empire October 17, 2013
John Quail's Claim to Fame: How a Young Irish Entrepreneur Used Domains to Build a Booming Business December 31, 2013
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East 2013: A Pictorial Review of the Last Bash on Fort Lauderdale Beach  Jan. 31, 2014
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry January 2012: 15 Industry Experts On 2011's Most Important Trends and Their Forecast for the Year Ahead March 10, 2012
Fly Like an Igal: Lichtman Innovates Again With Vortalizer Automatic Website Building Technology at TrafficMedia June 30, 2012
Great Scot! How Tommy Butler Went From Gutting Chickens to Developing Glasgow.com and Dozens of Other Successful Sites July 23, 2012
Course Correction: Why Commercial Airline Pilot Bob Olea is Now Banking on Domains as Well as Planes Sept. 30, 2012
Domain Brokers: How to Choose One and What it Takes to Be a Successful One Nov. 4, 2012
Resetting the Table: T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2012 Caps a Year of Positive Change in the Domain Conference Game  Nov. 30, 2012
Lapping the Field: Why Legendary Domain Investor Frank Schilling is Out to Change Our World    Dec. 31, 2012
A Perfect 10:  DN Journal Completes Its First Decade and We Couldn't Have Enjoyed it More - Thank YOU For Making it Possible! Jan. 29, 2013
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry January 2011: 19 Industry Leaders Identify 2010's Most Important Trends and Predict What Lies Ahead This Year Feb. 15, 2010
State of the Industry Too: Optimism Back in Style With Record Breaking Crowd at DOMAINfest Global April 26, 2011
The John Ferber Story: How The Secret Millionaire Sold His Company for $495 Million and Why He Loves the Domain Business Now May 31, 2011
Czech Mate: After Making Sweet Music With Elephant Orchestra Jan Barta is Out to Conquer the Rest of the Business World July 25, 2011
Born for Business: How Marc Ostrofsky Went From a Lemonade Stand to the New York Times Best Seller List August 30, 2011
How Category Defining Domain Names Are Helping Jesse Stein Turn Triton Web Properties Into an E-Commerce Powerhouse Sept. 28, 2011
Blessing in Disguise: David Sams Was a Huge Success in Hollywood But An Unexpected Setback Put Him on an Even More Rewarding Path Oct. 31, 2011
Back to the Future: After a Domain Conference Shakeout T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Shines in 2011 Show on Fort Lauderdale Beach Dec. 31, 2011
Braden Pollock: Could the Lead Gen Whiz Be the Domain Monetization Messiah People Have Been Looking For? Jan. 27, 2012
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry January 2010: We Asked 16 Domain Experts If We Hit Bottom in 2009 and Will See a Rebound in the New Year  March 8, 2010
The Rise (and Fall?) of Domain Conferences - For Years They Have Thrived But Can They Survive Oversaturation? April 24, 2010
Playing to Win: How Hallpass Media's Bill Karamouzis is Cooking Up an Online Gaming Empire May 31, 2010
Country Code Alchemist: How .CA Devotee Rick Silver Is Turning  Canadian Websites Into Gold Sept. 25, 2010
Full Steam Ahead: The Man Who Navigated Oversee.net Through Treacherous Straits and Back Into Open Water Oct. 31, 2010
Broken Field Run: How Domain Investor/Developer Chad Folkening Went from Mowing Lawns to Buying Mansions Dec. 30, 2010
The Juan Diego Calle Story: How the .CO CEO is Turning a Seldom Used ccTLD Into a Booming Global Brand Jan. 19, 2011
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry January 2009: 15 Leading Experts Break Down What Went Wrong in 2008 and Predict What Will Happen in 2009 Feb. 15, 2009
The Babe Ruth of Business Development: Ron Sheridan's Rise from Orphan to MVP March 21, 2009
The Next Big Thing in Domain Monetization?: New Companies Are Making the Dream of Affordable Mass Development a Reality April 12, 2009
Leading Man: How Singer, Actor, Radio/TV Personality, Politician & Attorney Howard Neu Wound Up Starring on the Domain Industry Stage May 25, 2009
Teachers & Doctors Said Markus Schnermann Had No Future: How He Demolished Their Diagnosis and Gained International Domain Fame June 13, 2009
Coming Out Party for Country Code Domains: ccTLDs Get Their Turn on Center Stage July 28, 2009
Michael Berkens - The Untold Story Behind The Best Kept Secret in the Domain Business Sept. 8, 2009
Spreading the News: How a Home Grown Media Corps Helped Trigger a Boom in the Domain Business Sept. 22, 2009
Will to Win: Despite Repeated Setbacks Aron Meystedt Never Quit & Now His Persistence is Paying Off Oct. 25, 2009
MythBuster: Former Farmer Gregg McNair Proves Opportunties Still Abound in the Domain Business Nov. 22, 2009
Life in the Fast Lane: Rick Latona Got a Late Start But He's Quickly Closing In on the Competition Jan. 18, 2010
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry January 2008: Our Panel of Domain Experts Analyze What Happened in 2007 and Share Their Forecasts for 2008 Feb. 11, 2008
Changing of the Guard: How Dan Pulcrano Became The Point Man in the Historic March From Old Media to the New World Online March 9, 2008
Born to Run: How Oversee.net Co-Founder and CEO Lawrence Ng Built a Company With $200 Million in Annual Revenue Before His 30th Birthday  April 13, 2008
The Domain Giant You Didnít Know:  Rob Grant's Roundabout Route to Real Estate Riches (Online and Off!) May 10, 2008
From Death's Door To A Heavenly Mountain: How Dr. Chris Hartnett Built a Billion Dollar Company and Discovered the Real Meaning of Wealth July 7, 2008
Two Heads Are Better Than One: How Key Partnerships Are Helping Skip Hoagland Develop A GeoDomain Empire   August 14, 2008
Howe About That! The Inside Story of One Man's Rise From Low Budget Domain Flipper to Million Dollar Dealmaker  Sept. 15, 2008
Flying High: How Directi's Divyank Turakhia Earned His First Million at 18 and Went On to Build a Company Valued at $300 Million   Oct. 6, 2008
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York 2008: Domainers Who Met in Brooklyn Counted Their Blessings While Wall Street Mulled a Meltdown in Manhattan Nov. 13, 2008
Reboot: How Domains Helped Australian Entrepreneur Michael Gilmour Bounce Back Bigger Than Ever After Losing a Fortune Overnight Dec. 15, 2008
The Royal Treatment: How Acquiring and Developing High Quality Domain Names Gave Warren Royal Control Over His Own Destiny Jan. 18, 2009
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry January 2007: 15 Domain Experts Ponder What Happened in 2006 and Predict Whatís Coming Next Feb. 6, 2007
The Eric Rice Story: How A Displaced Domain Executive Survived (and Thrived) Despite Domain Industry Consolidation March 12, 2007
Another Winning Hand! T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West Wows Record Breaking Crowd in Las Vegas April 7, 2007
His Companies Have Sold for Over $1.3 Billion: Can Demand Media's Richard Rosenblatt Do It Again with Domains? May 7, 2007
When You Wish Upon A Star: How Domains Made Sahar Sarid's Dreams Come True June 8, 2007
The NameMedia Story: How They Are Rocking the Internet and Rolling Up the Domain Industry July 2, 2007
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York 2007: The Domain Business Takes a Bow on the World's Biggest Stage August 9, 2007
Lift Off:  How New Sales Platforms are Sending the Domain Aftermarket Into Orbit September 9, 2007
Man on a Mission: He Made a Fortune When He Sold BuyDomains - Now Michael Mann Wants to Change the World With WashingtonVC October 8, 2007
Kevin Vo and Ammar Kubba: How They Became Friends, Beat the Odds and Hit It Big With TrafficZ November 9, 2007

The Domain World's Renaissance Man: A Ringside Seat With NewYork.com Owner Leland Hardy 

December 10, 2007
Nice Guy Finishes First: How Frank Schilling Won the Domain Race After Starting at the Back of the Pack January 10, 2008
Story Title Date Archived
The State of the Industry: Insight From 20 Domain Experts On What Happened in 2005 and What's Coming in 2006 Feb. 6, 2006
Domain Business Moves Into the Fast Lane After T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Stop in Silicon Valley Mar. 8, 2006
Be Careful what You Wish For: The Continuing Saga of Gary Kremen and Sex.com Apr. 6, 2006
Repaving the Parking Lot: Have Domain Developers Won the Debate?  April 27, 2006
Domain Roundtable: Highlights From a Landmark Gathering of Industry Leaders in the Pacific Northwest May 11, 2006
T.R.A.F.F.I.C.'s Winning Streak Continues With Hot Show in Las Vegas  June 9, 2006
Taking Care of Business: Is Ari Goldberger the Domain Industry's Ultimate Entrepreneur? July 7, 2006
Sunny Weather: With Video Taking the Web By Storm It's Nothing But Blue Skies For Nathan Sassover August 8, 2006
Inside iREIT: How a Startup Company Became an Industry Giant Overnight Sept. 11, 2006
The Marchex Story: Why They Spent $164 Million on Domains and What They Have Planned For Their Eye-Popping Portfolio Oct. 7, 2006
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Conference Organizers Ready to Scale New Heights With Upcoming Florida Show  Nov. 1, 2006
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East 2006: How Domain History was Made at the Westin Diplomat   Dec. 9, 2006
Band of Brothers: How Michael and David Castello Morphed from Struggling Musicians to Domain Millionaires  Jan. 9, 2007
Story Title Date Archived
AmericanFlags.com: How Jeff Reynolds Turned His Bargain Domain Into a Star Spangled Business Jan. 7, 2005
2004: It Was a Very Good Year - But Now What? 
Industry Experts Say The Best Is Yet to Come!
Feb. 6, 2005
.Women Wanted: Our Role Models Rock But the Business Needs More Recruits  March 6, 2005
High Impact Sites: Inside Adam Dickerís Domain Empire April 8 ,2005
Tools of the Trade: Free Resources That Will Help You Identify Domains That $ell May 9, 2005
Bright Lights and Brilliant Domainers Await Traffic Attendees in Las Vegas May 26, 2005
Knights of the Domain Roundtable Ready for Summit in Seattle May 26,2005
Domain Heavyweights Leave Las Vegas Stronger Than Ever After Quality Time at Traffic West July 4, 2005
Debut Edition of Domain Roundtable Served Up Rich Banquet of Seminars and CEO's July 4, 2005
Chris Chena Takes Charge: How the Whiz Kid from Paraguay Is Building A Spanish Domain Empire August 9, 2005
The State of the Industry (Summer 2005): Where We Are and Where We Are Headed Sept. 9, 2005
Dead Heads to Domain Honchos: How the Internet Real Estate Group Became the Industry's Biggest Hitmakers Oct. 5, 2005
Itís Showtime! T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East Doubles in Size for Return Trip to Delray Beach (Traffic Preview) Oct. 24, 2005
Improving on Perfection: T.RA.F.F.I.C. East 2005 Wows Attendees With World Class Domain Conference Nov. 10, 2005
Going for Broke: Why Brian Nullís Family Bet the Farm On His Golf Domains Dec. 12, 2005
New.netís Impossible Dream: Can The Alternate TLD Company Reach the Unreachable Star?

Jan. 1, 2004

Tough Name to Live Up To: Is An Australian Registrar's Claim to Be Fabulous Fact or Fiction? 

Feb. 2, 2004

Rick Schwartz: Domain King or Royal Pain? March 3, 2004
The Great Three-Letter .Info/.Biz Buyout: Elequa Alters the New Extension Landscape  April 5, 2004
Sedo's Ascent: How the German Juggernaut
Became A Global Giant
May 7, 2004
Filling Niches: The Alternate Road to Riches
(My Sophomore Year in the Domain Business)
June 6, 2004
The Pool.com Story: How A Tadpole Turned Into A Killer Whale in Just 12 Months! July 4, 2004
Divine Inspiration: Why Bob Broxton Believes His Domains Will Help Save the World August 5, 2004
Inside a Drop Catcherís War Room: How eNom Arms Maker Chris Ambler Is Turning The Tide for Club Drop Sept. 5, 2004
Underachiever to Overlord: Go Daddy's Bob Parsons Started Slow Then Built Two Business Empires Oct. 7, 2004
Why Parking Companies Want YOUR Portfolio and What DomainSponsor.com Is Doing To Try to Get It Oct. 25, 2004
Successful Trade Show Heralds the Start of a New Era For the Domain Industry Dec. 6, 2004
New Company Promises New Life for Your Tired Old & Inactive Domain Names

March 8, 2003

Elequa Unmasked: Unveiling the World's Most Prolific "Domain Artist"

April 22, 2003

King Leads A Revolution to Make Acquiring Deleted Domains a Snap 

May 22, 2003

My First Year in the Domain Business: A Rookie's Diary

June 16, 2003

Domain Industry Ghostbuster: Why Roger Collins Brought Afternic Back From The Afterlife 

July 15, 2003

Farmer Feeds the World With Domain Data: The Dwayne Rowland & Exody Story 

August 15, 2003

Superhero or Arch Villain? The Secret Identity of Super Mann

Sept. 17, 2003

Off to See the Wizard:
Will WLS Demolish Domain Drop Catchers?

Oct. 24, 2003

The Full Monte: Why an Industry Pioneer's One Stop Shop Kept Expanding Long After the Bubble Burst

Dec. 1, 2003



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