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Jeff Gabriel is Back! Record Breaking Domain Broker Launches Saw.com with New Partner Amanda Waltz

By Ron Jackson

Ever since Jeff Gabriel ended his 7-year run as Vice President of Sales at Uniregistry in August, people in the industry have been waiting to hear what's next for the record breaking domain broker. That's because Gabriel (who was profiled in a 2016 DNJournal Cover Story) has had an unbroken string of successes since entering the business with Sedo in 2009. In 2011 Jeff became the President of Igloo.com/DomainAdvisors where he first met another star broker, Amanda Waltz. They became friends and developed a great deal of respect for each other's talents, so they stayed in touch after Frank Schilling convinced Jeff to join the Uniregistry team in 2013.

During his brief 3-month break since leaving Uni,   Jeff settled his family into a new home just west of Boston where he grew up. Amanda and her family live nearby so two of the best minds in the business had a chance to get back together and do some serious brainstorming. Those talks led to a new company of their own that just launched at Saw.com

Jeff Gabriel & Amanda Waltz
Founders, Saw.com

When I learned what was in the works I naturally wanted to know how this dream team came together and what their new company was all about (domain sales are just part of it). Jeff and Amanda's business is based on relationships, so they wanted to break the news in a more personal way than the usual press release. They suggested we do a video interview so they could share the story in their own words. So I jumped on a plane to New England to get the exclusive back story about the birth of Saw.com (and our first ever video cover story). It's time for Saw.com to Be Seen! 



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