August 27, 2012

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Barbey Puts Boise Back in the Big Leagues With $175,000 Purchase of BoiseIdaho.com 

Idaho real estate broker Steve Barbey raised some eyebrows at this time three years ago when he paid $50,000 for BoiseRealEstate.com. He used the domain to redirect additional prospects to his IdahoRealEstate.com site. The deal worked out so well that Barbey decided it was time to go fishing in the domain pool again. Last week he reeled in BoiseIdaho.com after meeting the $175,000 price set by previous owner Brian Wick of CheapYellowPages.com. Barbey has already redirected that domain to a Boise-specific page at IdahoRealEstate.com. Boise is the state capital of Idaho and has a population estimated at about 208,000 people.

By Ron Jackson

That was the #1 sale on this week's Top 20 chart (and one of five geo domains on the elite list). Last week I indicated that we would permanently double the size of our 20-position all-extension chart this week due to a major increase in sales volume in 2007. However, I forgot to take into account that business activity this week would be disrupted by a major holiday weekend in the U.S. (Labor Day weekend). It's the unofficial end of summer in the States and many people take off from Friday through Monday (I took off all four days myself - flying to Philadelphia to spend some time with my daughter and help her move back into her dorm at Penn). As a result the past week was more like a half-week in the business world, so we will wait until next week to undertake our chart expansion (as always chart length will be subject to size changes when special circumstances warrant it).

Two more sales from the Moniker/T.R.A.F.F.I.C. auction in New York back in June just closed this week to earn spots on the top half of the leader board. DiscountPerfumes.com drew $80,000 to claim the #2 slot while StockTrades.com secured the 6th position at $25,000. Sedo had a hand in five charted sales, more than any other venue. Their hit list included two big ccTLD sales, #3 Theaters.co.uk at 16,000 ($32,324) and #4 MyGame.de at 20,000 ($27,306).

A private seller, Justin Godfrey of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, actually put more names on the elite list than any of the commercial venues did. Godfrey moved four nice geo domains; Rome.net and Bangkok.net at $17,500 each plus Ohio.info at $12,000 and Ontario.info at $10,000. He also broke into his liquor cabinet to produce two more solid sales; Rum.net and Whiskey.net at $15,000 each. His selling spree helped the Global Contenders make one of their strongest showings of the year on the all-extension chart, taking 8 positions overall (led by #5 Post.net, sold for $26,000 at Afternic.com/BuyDomains.com). 

Incidently Afternic/BuyDomains had three big sales (at $75,000, $33,000 and $24,000) that could not be released due to non-disclosure agreements. SnapNames also has many unreleased sales each week. I bring it up occasionally to remind everyone that our report is just a sampling of the overall activity in the domain market. As impressive as the cumulative sales in this weekly report may be - it is still just the tip of the iceberg in a market that continues to click on all cylinders.

With the Global Contenders and Country Codes flexing their muscles this week, the always dominant .coms had to settle for 10 entries. SnapNames.com accounted for two of those, including #8 ShopWorld.com ($21,060) and also scored with a nice .org sale. Here is how all of the top sellers stacked up for the week ending Sunday, September 2:


The DN Journal Top 20 
Reported Domain Sales - Mon. August 27, 2007 - Sun. Sept. 2, 2007
Euro to Dollar Conversion ( to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Tue. Sept. 4


Sold For

Where Sold
1. BoiseIdaho.com $175,000 Pvt Sale
2. DiscountPerfumes.com $80,000 Moniker/ T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
3. Theaters.co.uk 16,000 = $32,324 Sedo
4. MyGame.de 20,000 = $27,306 Sedo
5. Post.net $26,000 Afternic/ BuyDomains
6. StockTrades.com $25,000 Moniker/ T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
7. OXI.com $21,500 Sedo/GreatDomains
8. ShopWorld.com $21,060 SnapNames
9. Landm.com $20,000 Afternic/ BuyDomains
Rome.net $17,500 Pvt Sale
Bangkok.net $17,500 Pvt Sale

Whiskey.net $15,000 Pvt Sale
Rum.net $15,000 Pvt Sale
14. Vorex.com 10,000 = $13,656 Sedo
15. Ohio.info $12,000 Pvt Sale
16. IndiaStocks.com $10,010 SnapNames
Rotisserie.com $10,000 Afternic/ BuyDomains
Ontario.info $10,000 Pvt Sale
BDY.com $10,000 Sedo
20. GiftBasket.org $9,001 SnapNames

Keep in mind that these are the highest value sales that have been reported to us in the past week. This column is meant to be an educational tool, not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Such a list is impossible to produce because many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers or both. Our procedure for verifying the accuracy of domain sales reports is available here.

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

.Com Supporting Cast

In addition to their three chart entries, SnapNames.com had the top sale in the .com supporting cast, doing $8,750 at the box office with UPJ.com. AuctionAlert.com added $8,100, MortgageDoctor.com dispensed $7,916 and Scola.com scored $7,000. Also ranking high were RateHerButt.com ($6,750), TheBird.com ($6,250) and PolandTravel.com ($6,162).

SnapNames fetched another $5,910 with IndiaFunds.com while TackShack.com tallied $5,575 and FuelAdditive.com delivered $4,995. GPost.com produced $4,700, ManarTV.com tuned in $4,276 and SpySupplies.com spotted $4,029. SnapNames had a dozen more sales ranging from $2,000 to $3,600 that you can check out in the table below.

Additional SnapNames Sales Between $2,000-$3,600

golfclassifieds.com $3,600   icensus.com $2,937 
cassius.com $3,445 nonna.com $2,700
freecal.com $3,304 betexchange.com $2,560
rituales.com $3,192 downloadclassicalmusic.com $2,300
colormix.com $3,150 matsonic.com $2,150
collegehockeystats.com $3,000 wolk.com $2,000

Back at Sedo, Gamecore.com generated $8,600, Gkail.com commanded $6,200 and ZYG.com gathered $6,000. LatestMovies.com screened $5,500, Instance.com drew $5,200, UWL.com clicked for $5,100 and GayLawyer.com located $5,000. Sedo also sold WXA.com through their recently acquired GreatDomains.com site for $5,100.

Meanwhile, the Afternic DLS machine kept cranking out solid sales at an unmatched rate with a roster that included Nephrologists.com ($8,000), Liwa.com ($7,000) and EZAutoParts.com ($6,842). OEGroup.com greeted $6,000, Network-Security.com unlocked $5,600 and five others; TheBestVacations.com, SpotMobile.com, SafeLasik.com, EyeZone.com and WorldFreight.com unloaded $5,000 apiece.

Profunda.com and NetImage.com captured $4,800 each, PacificDesigns.com produced $4,688 and SpiritOfChristmas.com rang in $4,600. Pichet.com pitched in $4,488, I-Cinema.com seated $4,100 and Zall.com discovered $4,088. Afternic/BuyDomains had 68 more .com sales ranging fron $2,000-$4,000 that are listed in the table below.

Additional Afternic/BuyDomains Sales Between $2,000-$4,000
novecento.com $4,000   feedbackonline.com $2,500
a-r-m.com $4,000 clearimpression.com $2,500
worldwire.com $3,870 festivalcentral.com $2,488
weightlossspa.com $3,679 sportsunglasses.com $2,477
FashionClearance.com $3,500 allpointswest.com $2,466
b2bchina.com $3,400 mobileproducts.com $2,388
housesystem.com $3,388 dsiusa.com $2,388
braindesign.com $3,388 domaincollectors.com $2,350
i-game.com $3,304 javaproject.com $2,336
allautomotive.com $3,270 yellowexpress.com $2,300
pricefree.com $3,100 toytrends.com $2,300
liveprint.com $3,088 toytrends.com $2,300
blackseniors.com $3,088 siteguru.com $2,300
xstat.com $3,000 desktoputilities.com $2,300
solarzone.com $3,000 yourbeer.com $2,288
safetax.com $3,000 ispartner.com $2,288
medtime.com $3,000 fruitshop.com $2,288
justgirls.com $3,000 workmarket.com $2,270
footsy.com $3,000 lunchguide.com $2,200
findpublicrecords.com $3,000 skillcenter.com $2,188
CLICKONDIET.com $3,000 picturestudio.com $2,188
seniorcorps.com $2,988 beautyinstitute.com $2,188
vectorstudio.com $2,950 protectionplan.com $2,150
wificity.com $2,900 distinctiverealestate.com $2,150
infosurance.com $2,888 virtuarte.com $2,088
industrialwarehousing.com $2,888 goreverse.com $2,001
femalefriendly.com $2,800 patentability.com $2,000
environmentalimpact.com $2,800 namedropper.com $2,000
naturaltherapeutics.com $2,720 gardeningtalk.com $2,000
softservices.com $2,700 expertline.com $2,000
3dvideos.com $2,688 experthotline.com $2,000
xvoice.com $2,500 equaltrust.com $2,000
mitron.com $2,500 environmentalimpacts.com $2,000
firstcatering.com $2,500 clearimpressions.com $2,000

Afternic/BuyDomains had over 250 more .com sales under $2,000.

TDNAM.com got a $7,505 greeting from SendCards.com and SlowForTheConeZone.com overcame its unusually long name to land $2,912.

Moniker.com harvested $8,625 from ChocolateTree.com, $5,355 from AutoCoach.com and another $2,625 from Facilitator.com. Moniker also closed some more transactions from their recent auctions. Sales from Internext included SexProducts.com ($5,000), SexAtWork.com ($3,500), FlipOff.com ($3,000) and DominantMen.com ($3,000). WetPants.com ($2,750), SingleMales.com ($2,360) and Executions.com ($2,000) were also completed. 

From the Affiliate Summit auction, Moniker banked $3,750 for BookkeepingService.com and also sold IceShelf.com ($3,530), ConsumerMarketing.com ($3,000) and NorwegianVacation.com ($2,500).

At Enom's Club Drop, Deting.com connected for $2,200 and YahooYellowPages.com posted $2,000.

In private sales, 0rkut.com (that is a zero at the start, rather than a letter "O") changed hands for $6,500 (this domain has a decent Overture score with extension at 175), Aronson Antiquairs acquired Aronson.com for $5,000 and Patricia Kaehler at DomainBell.com agred to tie Boat365.com up at a new dock for $3,500.

Global Contenders (.biz, .info, .mobi, .net & .org)

It was an excellent week for the Global Contenders with the top eight names on this chart all making the all-extension leader board you saw earlier. Rounding out the GC's first ten are #9 Mono.net, sold for $7,920 at Sedo and #10 Wimax.info, another one of Justin Godfrey's private sales at $7,700

.Net swept the first five positions on the chart and 12 of 20 overall. .Info also had a solid week with six charted domains. That left just two other openings and .org took both of those. Geodomains were especially popular this week with nine of the 20 chart entries falling into that category. Here's how the Global Contenders stacked up for the week ending September 2:

Global Contenders Top 20
 Highest Reported Non .Com Global TLD  Sales 
(.Net, .Org, .Biz & .Info) Mon. August 27, 2007 - Sun. Sept. 2, 2007
Euro to Dollar Conversion ( to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Sept. 4


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Post.net $26,000 Afternic/ BuyDomains
Rome.net $17,500 Pvt Sale
Bangkok.net $17,500 Pvt Sale
Whiskey.net $15,000 Pvt Sale
Rum.net $15,000 Pvt Sale
6. Ohio.info $12,000 Pvt Sale
7. Ontario.info $10,000 Pvt Sale
8. GiftBasket.org $9,001 SnapNames
9. Mono.net $7,920 Sedo
10. Wimax.info $7,700 Pvt Sale

11. CertifiedEmail.net $7,500 Sedo
12. CentralAmerica.net $7,000 Pvt Sale
13. Lust.net $6,500 Pvt Sale
Greenland.net $6,000 Pvt Sale
Brasilia.org $6,000 Pvt Sale
Atmospheres.net $6,000 Afternic/ BuyDomains
17. Plans.info $5,800 Pvt Sale
18. Roma.info $5,156 SnapNames
19. Jugendreisen.net 
("teen travel" in German)
3,250 = $4,438 Sedo
20. NewYorkState.info $4,100 Pvt Sale

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

There were dozens of additional four-figure sales in the GC category. Sedo had the highest of those on the supplemental list, FirstServ.net at $4,081. They also sold VehicleTracking.net ($2,425), SocialMedia.net ($1,435) and Hulu.net ($1,250). SoundAdvice.info and PowerNews.net pulled another $1,200 apiece while IDN.mobi added $1,109 and NameForums.net found $1,010. Sedo also sold Sugarfree.net for $1,500 through GreatDomains.com

Afternic/BuyDomains had 27 more four-figure sales including Distributors.org ($3,840), Was.net ($3,320) and Doof.net ($3,000). The company had 24 more sales ranging from $1,000 to $2,388 that are listed in the table below.

Additional Afternic/BuyDomains GC Sales Between $1,000-$2,388

telecommande.net $2,388   weddingvows.org $1,500
deflation.org $2,388 marken.net $1,500
theedge.org $2,300 intertax.net $1,500
thehague.net $2,088 fuelprices.org $1,380
softserve.net $2,000 pricedrop.net $1,250
siteguru.net $2,000 mitaka.net $1,200
neonet.org $2,000 eaglewood.net $1,200
greengate.net $1,888 thewest.org $1,188
classicprinters.net $1,888 golfnews.net $1,188
womenandchildrenfirst.org $1,800 tradetalk.net $1,088
etennis.net $1,700 ezautoparts.net $1,032
liszt.net $1,688 skinprotection.net $1,000

At SnapNames, Songwriters.net came up with $3,200, FYN.net brought $2,300 and LSP.net penciled in $1,610. FreelanceJobs.net earned $1,509, IIY.net went for $1,400 and Dotlrn.org drew $1,287. RMV.net and NAZ.net rang up $1,250 each, CreamPies.org cranked out $1,164, BigBeautifulWomen.net attracted $1,122 and MarshallIslands.net welcomed $1,112.

In a private sale, Justin Godfrey sold Lyric.info for $2,500 and at Pool.com, PUX.net  plucked $1,850. Also, TDNAM.com squeezed $1,505 out of Sponge-Buddy.net.

Country Codes

A pair of nice five-figure sales highlighted the ccTLD action this week. #1 Theaters.co.uk went for  16,000 ($32,324) at Sedo in the year's 15th biggest country code sale. #2 MyGame.de was close behind at 20,000 ($27,306). That name also sold at Sedo, a venue that swept 17 of the 20 chart entries. It's interesting to note that this is the second time MyGame.de has sold at Sedo in the past year and a half. In April 2006 it was purchased for just $2,742. Now, just 17 months later, it went for 10 times more than it did last year!

Six .de (German ccTLD) domains made the new chart while Great Britain's .co.uk and the European Union's .eu each scored four times. Soft.co.uk, sold for 5,000 ($6,826) to tie ILoveYou.eu for the third position. 

America's country code, .us, and .tv each charted twice with the final openings going to Canada's .ca and Japan's .jp.  

The top .us, #7 Dream-Park.us ($3,842 at TDNAM) does not look like a valuable domain based on the hyphenated name only, but this was once a developed website that still has a good bit of residual traffic. That is often the case with names you see selling for high prices that don't appear to have much value on the surface. If you investigate a little deeper you will often find that these domains are abandoned developments that savvy new owners buy so they can monetize the traffic that still goes to the domains (usually by putting pay per click pages on the domains).

Here is how all of the country code leaders stand for the week ending September 2:

Country Code Top 20
 Highest Reported ccTLD  Sales: Mon. August 27, 2007 - Sun. Sept. 2, 2007
Euro to Dollar Conversion ( to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Tue. Sept. 4


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Theaters.co.uk 16,000 = $32,324 Sedo
2. MyGame.de 20,000 = $27,306 Sedo
Soft.co.uk 5,000 = $6,826 Sedo
ILoveYou.eu 5,000 = $6,826 Sedo
5. TVBox.tv $5,000 Sedo
6. HomeBusiness.ca $4,000 Pvt Sale
7. Dream-Park.us $3,842 TDNAM
8. Offshoring.de $3,800 Sedo
9. Clik.us $3,100 Sedo
10. Kreditangebot.de
("credit offer" in German)
2,051 = $3,401 SnapNames

11. Aidenet.eu 2,000 = $2,731 Sedo
12. Doggies.co.uk 1,350 = $2,728 Sedo
13. Gift.jp $2,610 Sedo
14. CasinoGames.tv 1,250 = $2,525 Sedo
15. InternetProperty.co.uk 1,1,00 = $2,222 Sedo
16. Feuerwehrstiefel.de
("firefighter boots" in German)
1,601 = $2,186 Sedo
17. Erbrecht.eu
("law of succession" in German)
1,600 = $2,184 Sedo
18. SocialBookmarks.de 1,500 = $2,084 Sedo
19. Flug-Revue.de
("flight show" in German)
1,500 = $2,084 Sedo
20. PartySupplies.eu 1,000 = $2,020 Sedo

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

Sedo had nine more four-figure ccTLD sales, including Nuby.eu ($1,760), Anet.eu ($1,690) and Treads.co.uk ($1,515). Their list also included Gratis-Strom.de ($1,433), Darimex.eu ($1,365) and TheGolf.tv ($1,200). Stadtplan-Hamburg.de added $1,092, Bday.tv dialed up $1,050 and 770.eu counted out $1,000.

At Afternic/BuyDomains, Music.vc drummed up $1,100, an IDN, xn--5eyx16c.tv, went for $1,052 and CFO.us sold for $1,000.

Now that you're up to date on what happened over the past week, check out how the leaders stand year to date in all categories by visiting our Year To Date Charts page.


As always, we welcome all verifiable sales reports from companies, private sellers or individuals with knowledge of an important sale made through any channel. To contribute information and help make this column better,  just drop a note to editor@dnjournal.com.

We truly appreciate the industry leading companies who share their sales information with us to help everyone in the business get a handle on current domain values. Richard Meyer of DotCom Group, LLC also provides invaluable help in collecting data for these sales reports each week.

Every Tuesday we publish the highest reported domain name sales for the previous week. On Monday our contributors send us their sales data for the previous 7 days. We then compile that information and write this report for Tuesday night publication to give you the freshest sales report in the industry. 

Editor's Note: If you wish to review previous Domain Sales columns, they are available in our Archive.

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