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Letters to the Editor

Paraguay's 27-Year Old Domain Whiz Kid - Chris Chena 

What a great article! Thanks for bringing it to us. I am mostly new to this world and it is a retirement/avocation/speculation/gamble.

Sometimes, when I start thinking the collective world has lost its senses there pops up an inspiring story like this. Please pass on to him from an old coot (62 & counting) to take a day once in a while to "smell the roses." I remember my father telling me when I was around 10 or so to not be so anxious about how slow time was passing because the older you get the faster it passes. How true, how true. If one isn't careful they can look up one day and wonder where it went. I used to be a 7-day work week type who loved what I did (software engineer - fancy name for a code cranker). I decided to retire from that life about 15 years ago and do 
other things. So glad I did - life can be so damn much fun!

A lot of the domainers from the forums I hang out at would do well to listen to this young man's words about development. Even if you are looking for PPC income, develop something! A bit of good content can do wonders. Isn't the net supposed to be about information? I am working on 
developing a network of .info's - pure information. Problem is I may not live long enough to complete my projects and I wonder what will happen to them when I go 'belly up'!

I talk too much again, thanks!

Richard Harkrider
Hark at NamePros.com

Seattle Domain Conference Feedback

I went to Domain Roundtable with some reservations. I was excited about meeting other domain portfolio holders, but I wasn't sure what to expect from the ICANN and Verisign people there, the corporate Intellectual property people, and the corporate attorneys. I was
pleasantly surprised by everyone I met. Chris Sheridan from Verisign was hilarious during Domain Sponsor's casino night, and asked some really sharp questions during presentations. Many of the attorneys agreed that it was better to send "gentle cease and desist letters" or even make informal contact with alleged cybersquatting domainers rather than send the traditional "nasty" C&D letter.

M. Scott Donahey, who decided the first domain name case under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, acknowledged that selling domains is now seen as a legitimate business use of a domain. While many domains are still deemed to have been "registered in bad faith," it's no longer the case that holding a domain portfolio makes
you immediately suspect as a cybersquatter.

John Berryhill was almost the funniest lawyer there. (His sister is Sue and his brother is Bill.) The two-part "Proactive vs. Reactive IP Strategy" was spirited and entertaining. Bob Cumbow described sending one of the very first nasty C&D emails (which had always been paper documents in the past). He received an immediate response pleading "Please don't sue me, I'm 11 years old."

I felt like the event was truly a roundtable. We all left understanding each other better. I was glad to hear that future roundtables will be held. I hope to be able to attend many of these.

Leonard Holmes
Healing Sites Network

Women in the Domain Industry - Smart, Very Smart

I wanted to comment on the story entitled "Women Wanted: Our Role Models Rock But the Business Needs More Recruits"  
I thought this was an incredible story not only just because it was concerning women in the Tech marketplace but also because these women have been so successful and even though they had to put in hundreds of hours doing research and fine tuning their skills and just trying to find out where they could go and how far it will and can and will take them.  The simple fact that since most of the things are done on line and not face to face which meant there were no gender lines to cross especially appeals to me because although I am a male, I am a black male and that means a lot even though it is not said out loud. 
So, it is nice to hear that there are still things out there that we as a people and gender can do and get involved in and still be a success at.  I am willing to put in the long hours and hard work that it will take to get me where I need and want to go.
Thank you very much to the ladies that contributed and gave up their time to tell us their story. It was a pleasure to read.
Rick Smart 
[email protected]
Salt Lake City, UT

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