August 27, 2012

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Porn.com Sells for More Than $9.5 Million in Deal Moniker Claims Is Largest Cash Sale Ever 

Moniker.com announced today (May 15) that it has brokered the sale of Porn.com to MXN Limited for more than $9.5 million. The exact price and terms of the transaction were not disclosed but Moniker said this is the largest all-cash domain transaction in history. In total value, they said it would be the second largest domain sale overall after Sex.com (which reportedly sold for approximately $12 million in cash and stock in January 2005).

Moniker CEO Monte Cahn said “Porn.com will prove to be a valuable asset for MXN Ltd. because of its significant number of daily visitors, established type-in traffic in addition to being the top domain in the adult industry.”

By Ron Jackson

At the T.R.A.F.F.I.C West Live Auction in March, Porn.com attracted a bid close to $7 million but did not meet the owner's reserve. Moniker continued working with interested parties and finally completed a sale this week. Knowledgeable sources say the price paid for the domain would be approximately 5-6 times its annual earnings.

Unfortunately we will be unable to chart the domain since the exact price was not released (MXN had put out their own press release earlier in the day and said the price was over $9 million, then Moniker followed with a release pegging the minimum figure at $9.5 million). We will add a footnote to our Year To Date chart to record the sale and price estimate.

Though no other blockbuster sales were reported this week, all of the domains on our new Top 20 chart hit the five figure mark. The leader of that pack was InstantApprovals.com, a name that David Evanson sold to Experian for $60,000. Afternic.com/BuyDomains.com occupies the #2 slot after selling SaleByOwners.com for an even $50,000. That was one of three chart entries for that venue. 

SnapNames.com placed more names on the leader board than any other venue - seven in all - including #5 MyOrder.com at $27,050. Meanwhile Moniker, in addition to brokering that $9 million deal, marked up three wins on the Big Board, topped by #4 MobileLove.com at $30,445. In a pair of private transactions, Rick Latona of DigiPawn.com purchased #10 MakatiCity.com for $20,000 and #14 Makati.com for $12,500

.Com swept 18 of the 20 chart entries. Only #12 Asbestos.net and #17 SocialWordJobs.co.uk managed to break .com's stranglehold on the Top 20. Here's a look at the complete leader board for the week ending Sunday, May 13:


The DN Journal Top 20 
Reported Domain Sales - Mon. May 7, 2007 - Sun. May 13, 2007
Euro to Dollar Conversion (€ to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Tue. May 15


Sold For

Where Sold
1. InstantApprovals.com $60,000 Pvt Sale
2. SaleByOwners.com $50,000 Afternic/
3. BeautyMark.com $32,000 Sedo
4. MobileLove.com $30,445 Moniker
5. MyOrder.com $27,050 SnapNames
6. CPG.com $25,400 Moniker
7. Vectra.com $25,250 SnapNames
8. ForYourEyesOnly.com $22,500 Sedo
9. OnlineFlights.com $21,211 SnapNames
10. MakatiCity.com $20,000 Pvt Sale

11. Asbestos.net $15,240 Moniker
12. FutureBazar.com $15,000 SnapNames
13. BakersfieldCA.com $13,333 SnapNames
14. Makati.com $12,500 Pvt Sale
15. CanadianAuto.com $12,000 SnapNames
16. C4I.com $11,000 Afternic/ BuyDomains
17. SocialWorkJobs.co.uk €7,900 = $10,744 Sedo
ResSoftware.com $10,000 Afternic/ BuyDomains
Accessiblity.com (typo) $10,000 Sedo
20. JamIt.com $8,988 SnapNames

Keep in mind that these are the highest value sales that have been reported to us in the past week. This column is meant to be an educational tool, not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Such a list is impossible to produce because many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers or both.

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

.Com Supporting Cast

As always, there was a huge supporting cast of solid four-figure sales this week. The winners at SnapNames included SurfHawaii.com ($6,643), MyVacationRental.com ($6,600) and Eighteens.com ($6,399). QuickDrop.com added $5,711, ToySale.com tallied $5,299 and MoneySuppermarket.com (typo) sold for $5,200.

Also at SnapNames, SelfDivorce.com drew $5,001, TallahasseeFL.com contributed $4,667 and SecuredCard.com kicked in $4,600. FNET.com fetched $4,101, GolfClubWarehouse.com chipped in $4,099, RapidCitySD.com delivered $3,801 and FilePorn.com posted $3,766. SnapNames sold another 20 .com domains ranging from $2,000 to $3,600. You can check those out in the chart below:

Additional SnapNames Sales Between $2,000-$3,600
dubaistudiocity.com $3,600   bridgeportct.com $3,051
stpetersburgfl.com $3,556 wagaga.com $3,000
electricfurnace.com $3,556 adwaves.com $2,900
stuffenvelopes.com $3,555 surflink.com $2,790
spokanewa.com $3,513 plussizeweddingdress.com $2,716
modestoca.com $3,226 whitenoisemakers.com $2,150
seriouscooks.com $3,150 siouxfallssd.com $2,050
freedebtconsolidationservices.com $3,100 retailmanagementsystem.com $2,038
destinator.com $3,100 gainesvillefl.com $2,037
luckylovers.com $3,099 loguestbook.com $2,000

Back at Afternic/BuyDomains, the ActiveExchange continued to produce heavy sales volume. SunGreen.com sowed $6,800, JOQ.com corralled $5,900 and three others; NovaGenesis.com, BarnSupplies.com and 4Real.com returned $5,000 each. VoiceInc.com recorded $4,800 while Confia.com and Equimed.com dispensed $4,688 apiece.

MiniPages.com produced $4,150, Yoog.com yielded $4,008 and ITSupply.com tacked on $4,000. ATMCash.com withdrew $3,999, ISTOnline.com and BillingSystems.com brought $3,888 each and Jardim.com clicked for $3,850. Afternic/BuyDomains had another 46 .com sales ranging from $2,000 to $3,500. Those are listed in the table below:

Additional Afternic/BuyDomain Sales Between $2,000-$3,500
SeattleWashingtonRealEstate.com $3,500   PartyMagazine.com $2,400
ppix.com $3,500 spreadthegospel.com $2,300
mgnet.com $3,500 smbsolutions.com $2,300
everydaystyle.com $3,500 sayflowers.com $2,300
newjerseyhealthcare.com $3,488 oilpaintinggallery.com $2,300
krmp.com $3,400 filmlot.com $2,288
trythis.com $3,300 designergifts.com $2,288
1stlook.com $3,288 japanesewedding.com $2,150
ForexCompanies.com $3,200 cuyahogavalley.com $2,150
pmbllc.com $3,000 newsx.com $2,088
cutprice.com $3,000 visionsinc.com $2,000
workforceautomation.com $2,900 trainingnow.com $2,000
cybergenius.com $2,888 TopOfTheWorldTravel.com $2,000
consegna.com $2,888 riskmodel.com $2,000
commercezone.com $2,788 officegear.com $2,000
coloradohealthcare.com $2,700 newmountain.com $2,000
urbanbranding.com $2,688 naturalhealthguide.com $2,000
audioworx.com $2,688 makebeliever.com $2,000
travelcalendar.com $2,500 keycity.com $2,000
thermaltechnology.com $2,500 HotelMasters.com $2,000
PaintHelp.com $2,500 cellguard.com $2,000
MRMovie.com $2,500 beatshop.com $2,000
smtonline.com $2,488 arresto.com $2,000

Afternic/BuyDomains had over 225 more .com sales ranging from $1,925 all the way down to the $250 paid for WakeUpCanada.com.

Back at Sedo, Picasa2.com provided $8,000 and FamilyRoots.com generated $7,000. PartyWisely.com, CelebrateWisely.com and BoardingServices.com attracted $6,000 each and Gesture.com generated $5,000.

Hunting Moon Domains sold Siser.com ($5,000) and MyVideoSearch.com ($3,500), NameDrive.com drummed up $5,500 for DigiDance.com and Enom's Club Drop landed $3,800 with CraigsListing.com. At TDNAM.com, CPay.com sold for $3,583, GuaranteedEngines.com cranked up $2,505 and DigiBid.com banked $2,282.

Global Contenders (.biz, .info, .mobi, .net & .org)

The .nets ruled the Global Contenders chart this week, sweeping 14 of the 20 positions, including the top spot with Asbestos.net at $15,240. As you saw earlier, that sale at Moniker.com also made the all-extension leader board. 

.Info also enjoyed a very strong week with five chart entries, including #2 Solar.info, sold for $8,500 at NameDrive. Justin Godfrey hit the daily double, selling Guns.info and Pics.info for $6,500 each in a private transaction.

.Org managed to get only one name on the top sellers list this week, #3 KRP.org, a domain that went for $8,000 at Moniker. Here's how all of the GC leaders stacked up for the week ending May 13:

Global Contenders Top 20
 Highest Reported Non .Com Global TLD  Sales 
(.Net, .Org, .Biz & .Info) Mon. May 7, 2007 - Sun. May 13, 2007
Euro to Dollar Conversion (€ to $) is Based on Rates in Effect May 15


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Asbestos.net $15,240 Moniker
2.  Solar.info $8,500 NameDrive
3.  KRP.org $8,000 Moniker
4.  FreeLayout.net $7,500 SnapNames
Pics.info $6,500 Pvt Sale
Guns.info  $6,500 Pvt Sale
7. Duck.net $6,200 Enom's Club Drop
8. Masterpiece.net $3,000 Afternic/
9. CreditCardOffers.net $2,985 Afternic/
10. MyOrder.net $2,877 SnapNames

11. BerlinJob.info $2,800 NameDrive
12. Roboter.info €1,950 = $2,652 Sedo
Pornocruto.net $2,500 SnapNames
Clickable.net $2,500 Afternic/
Processors.net $2,395 SnapNames
FlashMemory.net $2,395 SnapNames
StudentTravel.net $2,300 Afternic/
Christiania.net $2,300 Afternic/
19. Microprocessor.net $2,250 SnapNames
20. CurlyHair.net $2,200 SnapNames

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

There were 32 more four-figure GC sales just off the chart and Afternic/BuyDomains accounted for nearly half of those (15 in all). Their list included Nutritionals.net ($2,000), Laps.net ($1,957) and a trio at $1,500 each that included OpenYourMind.net, LighthouseRealty.net and KitchenPlanners.net. LightBulbs.net illuminated $1,400, GiveBack.net notched $1,300 and AnimeFriends.net added $1,288.

RightResponse.org rang up $1,190 and EatOut.net served up $1,050. Afternic/BuyDomains had five more that went for $1,000 each; TheVets.net, SportsFitness.net, HoustonSports.net, CommercialLoans.net and AFirm.net.

At Sedo, DataRecoverySoftware.net saved $2,039, Mikroskope.net revealed $1,700, GetIn.net admitted $1,600 and Aerogel.net dispensed $1,563. Serbia.mobi sold for $1,428 and SSI.mobi unlocked $1,000 while Balearen.info bagged $1,360.

At SnapNames, VideoNetwork.org tuned in $1,551, Kanaren.net cornered $1,350 and Microprocessors.net computed $1,284. Capacitors.net collared $1,250, Distributing.net trucked in $1,051 and MicroController.net made $1,000.

Property-Abroad.info paid $1,950 at NameDrive, Corporations.biz finally closed after selling for $1,770 at the last Moniker/T.R.A.F.F.I.C. auction, Options.info picked up $1,500 at DNForum.com and Breasts.biz brought $1,082 at TDNAM.

Country Codes

Great Britain's .co.uk took the top two spots on this weeks Country Code chart, with SocialWorkJobs.co.uk going for $10,744 at Sedo and Cow.co.uk milking £4,000 ($7,940) in a sale made through Hey.co.uk. Germany's .de was the leading extension overall, sweeping 9 of the 20 chart entries. The top German domain was #3 (tie) Sidestep.de, sold for $6,800 at Sedo.

France (.fr) and Spain (.es) each charted two domains this week. The other countries represented were Argentina (.com.ar), Mexico (.com.mx), Tuvalu (.tv) and the European Union (.eu).  Here's a look at the complete Country Code chart for the week ending May 13:

Country Code Top Sellers
 Highest Reported ccTLD  Sales: Mon. May 7, 2007 - Sun. May 13, 2007
Euro to Dollar Conversion (€ to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Tue. May 15


Sold For

Where Sold
1. SocialWorkJobs.co.uk €7,900 = $10,744 Sedo
2.  Cow.co.uk £4,000 = $7,940 Pvt Sale
3. Sidestep.de  €5,000 = $6,800 Sedo
4. Mundoanuncio.com.ar
("world advertising") in Spanish
€5,000 = $6,800 Sedo
5. Entra.es
("enter" in Spanish)
€4,300 = $5,848 Sedo
6. Voiturelocation.fr
("car location" in French)
€4,000 = $5,440 Sedo
7. InterPoker.de $5,430 NameDrive
8. Fahrservice.de
("driving service" in German)
€3,950 = $5,372 Sedo
9. Zylom.com.mx €3,500 = $4,760 Sedo
10. Sandton.de $4,072 NameDrive

11 HandySongs.de $3,800 NameDrive
12. GrowthHormone.co.uk €2,700 = $3,672 Sedo
13. Steuersparer.de
("tax saver" in German)
€2,500 = $3,400 Sedo
14. TDG.de $3,260 NameDrive
15. RSS.tv $3,000 Pvt Sale
16. Frei-SMS.de $2,700 NameDrive
17. Evuelos.es
("eFlights" in Spanish)
€1,800 = $2,448 Sedo
18. Offresdemploi.fr
("employment offers" in French)
€1,700 = $2,312 Sedo
Interfer-Gruppe.de €1,500 = $2,040 Sedo
GoldCar.eu €1,500 = $2,040 Sedo

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

There were a 11 more ccTLD sales just off the chart. At Sedo, Vliegveldtaxicentrale.nl (Netherlands country code) brought $1,700 and Die-werbeagentur.eu ("the advertising agency" in German) sold for $1,632 while Parylene.de and AnwaltFinder.de delivered $1,563 each. Tchibo.it (Italian ccTLD) and Cosys.eu added $1,360 apiece and Languag.es translated to $1,353.

At NameDrive, Cision.de saw $1,800 and Blackjack.co.at (Austrian country code) raked in $1,500. Newark.tv dialed in $2,000 in a private sale and Richard Kligman from QOOF.com sold Uptown.tv for $1,000 at the NamePros.com forum. Life.cc also changed hands for $1,000 in a private sale.

Now that you're up to date on what happened over the past week, check out how the leaders stand year to date in all categories by visiting our Year To Date Charts page.


As always, we welcome all verifiable sales reports from companies, private sellers or individuals with knowledge of an important sale made through any channel. To contribute information and help make this column better,  just drop a note to editor@dnjournal.com.

We truly appreciate the industry leading companies who share their sales information with us to help everyone in the business get a handle on current domain values. Richard Meyer of DotCom Group, LLC also provides invaluable help in collecting data for these sales reports each week.

Every Tuesday we publish the highest reported domain name sales for the previous week. On Monday our contributors send us their sales data for the previous 7 days. We then compile that information and write this report for Tuesday night publication to give you the freshest sales report in the industry. 

Editor's Note: If you wish to review previous Domain Sales columns, they are available in our Archive.

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