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August 27, 2012

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AntiSpyware.com Attracts $550,000 at Afternic To End 2006 With a Bang 

by Ron Jackson

The curtain came down on a banner year for domain sales this past week with a half million dollar deal that ranks among the biggest sales of 2006 and a score of solid five-figure transactions. AntiSpyware.com led the way, going for $550,000 at Afternic.com in a sale that tied for 6th on our final Year To Date leader board. Afternic took two more positions on the new Top 20 including #7 Drag.com at $34,000.

The runner-up position this week goes to YG.com, sold by Scotland's Terry Healy for a healthy $95,000.  

BuyDomains.com bagged the #3 spot with Chosen.com at $63,700. Also landing comfortably in the mid five-figure range were #4 CarParking.com, sold at DotcomAgency.com for 28,000 ($54,600) and #5 Physicians.org, a domain that dispensed $45,000 to Jarred Cohen at UltimateDomains.com.

SnapNames.com placed more names on the elite list than any other venue, sweeping 9 of the 20 positions with #6 TransGlobal.com leading the way for them at $40,249. Yesterday (Jan. 2) SnapNames is also believed to have made the biggest sale in company history. A four-letter misspelling of Loan.com went for well into six figures. The buyer requested non-disclosure of the name and exact amount paid and we are sure SnapNames will honor their request and decline to confirm sale details. Though information about the auction has already been posted on several other sites, it has always been our policy to respect non-disclosure requests made by the parties directly involved in a sale. 

Sedo.com was the only other venue with multiple chart entries this week. They scored four times with #8 Paperboy.com producing their top sale at $27,500. Sedo also accounted for all but one of the non .com sales on the new list, placing a .net and two .mobis on the all-extension leader board. #14 Nieuws.net ("news" in Dutch), delivered 11,000 ($14,477) while #16 BetOnline.mobi booked $13,500 and #17 Silverback.mobi sold for $10,509. 

When you consider that our final seven-day reporting period for 2006 started with Christmas Day and ended with New Year's Eve, it is really quite amazing that there was this much activity over the past week. In the midst of the biggest holiday week of the year, domain buyers remained out in force. We think that bodes well for 2007. Here's a look at the complete leader board for the week ending Sunday, Dec. 31:


The DN Journal Top 20 
Reported Domain Sales - Mon. Dec. 25, 2006 - Sun. Dec. 31, 2006
Euro to Dollar Conversion ( to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Tue. Jan. 2


Sold For

Where Sold
1. AntiSpyware.com $550,000 Afternic
2. YG.com $95,000 Pvt Sale
3. Chosen.com $63,700 BuyDomains
4. CarParking.com 28,000 = $54,600 DotcomAgency
5. Physicians.org $45,000 UltimateDomains
6.   TransGlobal.com $40,249 SnapNames
7.  Drag.com $34,000 Afternic
8. Paperboy.com $27,500 Sedo
9. Indi.com $22,033 SnapNames
10. Nobility.com $17,750 SnapNames

11. Resolute.com $16,001 SnapNames
12. MidAtlantic.com $15,306 SnapNames
13. Nieuws.net
("news" in Dutch)
11,000 = $14,477 Sedo
14. JustCause.com $13,750 SnapNames
15. BetOnline.mobi $13,500 Sedo
16. Silverback.mobi $10,509 Sedo
17. Deficiency.com $10,250 SnapNames
18. ExitLight.com $10,099 SnapNames
19. NJHospitals.com $10,007 SnapNames
20. AffiliateGrid.com $10,000 Afternic

Keep in mind that these are the highest value sales that have been reported to us in the past week. This column is meant to be an educational tool, not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Such a list is impossible to produce because many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers or both.

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.


.Com Supporting Cast

Afternic supplemented their three Top 20 domains with some solid four-figure sales like NICU.com ($6,000), KissimmeeHomes.com ($5,200) and Ad-WareSE.com ($5,000). SaintMoritz.com contributed $2,850, CompareAndBuy.com brought $2,288 and SportFans.com corralled $2,250. LookinGood.com clicked for $2,001 while ZAAM.com and MyRumor.com racked up $2,000 each.

Afternic's NameMedia stablemate, BuyDomains.com, also turned in another solid week. $7,000 blossomed from BotanicGardens.com, Saint-Louis.com landed at $4,688 and TheCreditDoctor.com prescribed $4,500. CentralHealth.com sewed up $4,388 while WLNP.com and BusinessTelephoneSystems.com kicked in $4,088 each.

CarolinaFunding.com deposited $3,900, Leiloes.com and Eurocolor.com drew $3,888 each and three others; QualityJobs.com, Pression.com and AsianGifts.com generated $3,500 each. BuyDomains had 26  more .com sales ranging from $2,000 to $3,250. You can check those out in the table below.

Additional BuyDomains Sales Between $2,000-$3,250
compaen.com $3,250   dietandhealth.com $2,470
housingrental.com $3,088 gameauthority.com $2,400
homeloanagent.com $3,088 selftesting.com $2,288
gardensdirect.com $3,088 onlinegardens.com $2,288
fathed.com $2,800 framemedia.com $2,288
myalbums.com $2,700 sinyal.com $2,250
castigliano.com $2,688 financingcentral.com $2,110
incostume.com $2,600 smilingeyes.com $2,088
gulfstates.com $2,600 singlesolution.com $2,000
greateats.com $2,560 shopperexpress.com $2,000
thara.com $2,500 healthvisions.com $2,000
rayet.com $2,488 dovolena.com $2,000
discountschoolloans.com $2,488 cowans.com $2,000

BuyDomains had more than 130 more .com sales ranging from just under $2,000 down to as low as $500.

Back at SnapNames, TheFather.com commanded $8,800, MusicWebsite.com went for $8,088 and CanyonSprings.com spawned $7,700. MooreRealEstate.com returned $7,600, CenturyInsurance.com claimed $7,100 and HeritageHome.com cornered $6,210.

SpringBreakDestinations.com attracted $5,700, MicroLight.com lit up $5,560 and FVRS.com cracked $5,200. RFKStadium.com seated $5,099, NowThatMusic.com drummed up $4,800 and VideoPages.com produced $4,567. FreshFace.com and StormDoor.com secured $4,500 each. SnapNames had 21 more sales ranging from $2,000 to just over $4,100. You can see those in the table below.

Additional SnapNames Sales Between $2,000-$4,200
messiahs.com $4,112   alaskafoods.com $2,600
zoca.com $4,100 fibero.com $2,550
rubbermask.com $3,988 buzzit.com $2,500
studionet.com $3,900 easydollars.com $2,350
boderek.com $3,600 saftey.com $2,150
jcpl.com $3,400 nycinsurance.com $2,150
otube.com $3,200 tourafrica.com $2,111
brooklynmint.com $3,100 growingup.com $2,070
kidmovies.com $2,900 jobsforteachers.com $2,020
nationalgalleryofart.com $2,600 gbdc.com $2,000
  chattanoogarestaurants.com $2,000

The hit parade at Sedo continued with CompareAndSave.com ($7,000), GuardianAmerica.com ($6,000), GreenVehicles.com ($5,000) and BigPoint.com ($4,606)

Meanwhile at Pool.com, TirePlus.com rolled up $6,100, Mushi.com managed $5,007 and CokeCola.com quaffed $4,000. DisneyGame.com entertained $3,701, VerizonWiereless.com (typo) tallied $2,500 and CapitolOneDirect.com captured $2,405. Eingang.com added $2,050 and Blasian.com uncovered $2,000.

Global Contenders (.biz, .info, .mobi, .net, .org & .pro)

It was also a good week for the Global Contenders with Physicians.org ($45,000) leading a trio of powerful five-figure sales, all of which also made the all-extension Top 20 you saw above. #4 Ghost.net just missed the five-figure mark, going for $9,900 at SnapNames. The .nets dominated the chart, taking 9 of the 20 positions.

Sedo.com was the leading sales venue with 8 chart entries including #5 Refinancing.org at $6,500 and #6 VLog.mobi at $6,100. That was one of four .mobis on the GC list. .Org charted six domains with the final opening going to a .biz sold at Sedo. Only.biz banked $2,000 to tie for the 15th position.

Here's how the GC top sellers stacked up for the week ending December 31:

Global Contenders Top 20
 Highest Reported Non .Com Global TLD  Sales 
(.Net, .Org, .Biz & .Info) Mon. Dec. 25, 2006 - Sun. Dec. 31, 2006
Euro to Dollar Conversion ( to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Jan. 2


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Physicians.org $45,000 UltimateDomains
2.  Nieuws.net 11,000 = $14,477 Sedo
3. BetOnline.mobi $13,500 Sedo
4. Ghost.net $9,900 SnapNames
5. Refinancing.org $6,500 Sedo
6. VLog.mobi $6,100 Sedo
7. StoneAge.net $3,888 BuyDomains
8. Leve.org $3,088 BuyDomains
Vault.org $2,500 Sedo
Broadside.net $2,500 BuyDomains

11. PokerTable.mobi $2,250 Sedo
12. Rofiel.net 1,600 = $2,106 Sedo
13. Cornwall.org $2,075 SnapNames
14. Modding-Station.net $2,050 Pool
Only.biz $2,000 Sedo
OnlinePokerTournament.mobi $2,000 Pvt Sale
17. IKP.net $1,950 SnapNames
18. WorldHistory.org $1,900 BuyDomains
WLNP.net $1,888 BuyDomains
CStore.net $1,888 BuyDomains

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

There were 22 more four-figure sales just off the chart with SnapNames accounting for half of those. Eight of those were .orgs, including June.org ($1,732), Auditory-Verbal.org ($1,601) and VIG.org ($1,550). TutorAid.org tacked on $1,451, ELA-EcoLandscapingAssn.org ground out $1,416 and ASMC.org added $1,101. Bits.org bagged $1,050 and ISPNet.org notched $1,020.

On the .net side of the ledger, SnapNames sold Imagesoft.net ($1,250), BusinessTogether.net ($1,200) and MusicWebsite.net ($1,109).

BuyDomains had seven additional four figure sales including LLLC.net ($1,800), Urlop.net ($1,350) and Lifelight.org ($1,300). SomeoneToTalkTo.net drew $1,265, ParentingCenter.org provided $1,250 and two others; Metrocore.net and Infoprint.net posted $1,000 each.

Pool.com sold Tell.org for $1,645, Sedo pulled $1,500 with e-Partner.net and Afternic hit the daily double with ForYou.org ($1,350) and Delvalle.net ($1,250)

Country Codes

Moldova's .md extension made its first appearance ever at the top of our Country Code chart this week with the $8,000 sale of T.md at Afternic. The next three positions on the new ccTLD list were also occupied by extensions that we rarely see on our leader board. #2 Cannon.pl (Poland's ccTLD) sold for 2,500 ($3,290), #3 Sex.st (Sao Tome and Principe ccTLD) connected for 1,500 ($2,925) and #4 Pool.cc (Cocos Keeling Islands ccTLD) pitched in $2,006. The latter three domains were all sold at Sedo, a venue that swept 10 of the 12 chart entries.

The European Union's .eu and Germany's .de were the only extensions to put multiple domains on the chart. .eu had three and .de two. Other countries represented this week are Switzerland (.ch), Spain (.es) and Canada (.ca)

Here's a look at the complete Country Code chart for the week ending December 31:

Country Code Top Sales
 Highest Reported ccTLD  Sales: Mon. Dec. 25, 2006 - Sun. Dec. 31, 2006
Euro to Dollar Conversion ( to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Tue. Jan. 2


Sold For

Where Sold
1. T.md $8,000 Afternic
2. Cannon.pl  2,500 = $3,290 Sedo
3. Sex.st 1,500 = $2,925 Sedo
4. Pool.cc $2,006 Sedo
5. Erobern.de 1,400 = $1,843 Sedo
6. Engels.de 1,200 = $1,580


Schweizerkarten.ch 1,000 = $1,316 Sedo
Office2007.es 1,000 = $1,316 Sedo
Didymos.eu 1,000 = $1,316 Sedo
10.  Wisag.eu 900 = $1,185 Sedo


$1,100 Afternic
12. Holzinger.eu 800 = $1,053 Sedo

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

In a couple of other ccTLD sales, Sedo sold Template.es for 700 ($921) and Pool picked up $825 for LOR.ca.

Next week it is possible we could see the biggest .US sale ever reported. An auction for SexToys.us ended at Sedo.com at $51,000. Of course, a high bid doesn't mean anything until the money is in the bank, so we will have to see if this one completes escrow.

Now that you're up to date on what happened over the past week, check out how the leaders stand year to date in all categories by visiting our Year To Date Charts page.


As always, we welcome all verifiable sales reports from companies, private sellers or individuals with knowledge of an important sale made through any channel. To contribute information and help make this column better,  just drop a note to editor@dnjournal.com.

We truly appreciate the industry leading companies who share their sales information with us to help everyone in the business get a handle on current domain values. Richard Meyer of DotCom Group, LLC also provides invaluable help in collecting data for these sales reports each week.

Every Tuesday we publish the highest reported domain name sales for the previous week. On Monday our contributors send us their sales data for the previous 7 days. We then compile that information and write this report for Tuesday night publication to give you the freshest sales report in the industry. 

Editor's Note: If you wish to review previous Domain Sales columns, they are available in our Archive.

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