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August 27, 2012

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Blue Skies for Domain Business With Half-Million Dollar Sale of & Big Bucks Paid for IDNs, Country Codes & New TLDs

by Ron Jackson

Seeing the domain sales reports come in this week was like watching one of those time-lapse videos that let you see a flower bloom before your eyes, only better. We got the whole bouquet with the $500,000 sale of, a $60,000 IDN sale and a bushel basket full of five-figure Country Code and new TLD sales. Want more? How about three hyphenated domains in the Top Ten including a $22,000 hyphenated .info

We have often talked about how this market is broadening, spreading the riches to niches that many have ignored in the past. This week's sales are bound to open a lot of eyes.

There wasn't enough room on our new Top 20 chart for all of the five-figure sales. Two dozen domains cracked that barrier including the blockbuster at #1, We don't yet know who made that half-million dollar purchase at (the third biggest sale reported in 2006) because the WhoIs record is using a privacy service. Whoever the new owner may be, they'll have no reason to be blue with a gem like this in their portfolio.

Sedo also made news with the #2 sale, posting the largest IDN (International Domain Name) sale of the year with Stä ("city travel" in German) going for a whopping €50,000 ($60,168)! Sedo went on to pile up 10 of the 20 entries on the Big Board including half a dozen in the top ten.

Sedo touched just about all of the bases, scoring with #5 at $30,000 plus the week's biggest domain in the Global Contenders category, #6 at $27,500. They also attracted a stunning €19,000 ($22,864) for #9 and €17,000 ($20,457) for another hyphenated domain, #10 ("work-employment" in French). 

It seemed like hyphenated names were running hog wild this week. A third one from that category,, landed at #8 after going for $25,250 at The country codes were also rocking, led by that German IDN at #2 and the biggest Canadian domain sale we've seen to date, #4, which sold for $36,050 at Sedo also had another notable ccTLD sale with #12 going for £10,000 ($17,438). walked off with four chart trophies while SnapNames bagged three. Moniker's haul included #3 at $36,500 and #8 at $24,195. Here's a look at the complete chart for the week ending Sunday, March 26:

The DNJournal Top 20 
Reported Domain Sales - Mon. Mar. 20, 2006 - Sun. Mar. 26, 2006
Euro to Dollar Conversion (€ to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Tue. Mar. 28


Sold For

Where Sold
1. $500,000 Sedo
2. Stä (IDN)
("city travel" in German)
€50,000 = $60,168 Sedo
3. $36,500 Moniker/
4. $36,050 Pool
5. $30,000 Sedo
6. $27,500 Sedo
7. $25,250 SnapNames
8. $24,195 Moniker/
9. €19,000 = $22,864 Sedo
("work-employment" in French)
€17,000 = $20,457 Sedo

11. $19,000 Afternic
12.  £10,000 = $17,438 Sedo
13. $16,100 Pool
14. $16,000 Sedo
15. $15,500 SnapNames
16. $12,500 SnapNames
17. $12,400 Moniker/
18. $12,000 Sedo
19. $10,950 Sedo
20. $10,725 Moniker/

Keep in mind that these are the highest value sales that have been reported to us in the past week. This column is meant to be an educational tool, not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Such a list is impossible to produce because many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers or both.

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

Another quartet of five-figure domains finished just off the chart with SnapNames accounting for a pair of those; at $10,250 and at $10,001. Sedo also had two, including another big .info, at $10,500. That same domain was sold for $4,150 in January 2005. Sedo also scored another blow for the country codes with going for €8,400 ($10,108)

.Com Supporting Cast

As always the .com stars on the leader board had a strong supporting cast off the chart. At SnapNames, booked $8,988, landed at $6,600 and the gavel dropped on at $6,155. commanded $6,111, provided $6,106 and floated $6,103. added $6,101, drew $5,600 and dispensed $5,300.

Also at SnapNames, despite being a real tongue twister, socked away $5,200 and decoded $5,088. and kicked in $4,800 each while went for $4,600 and picked up $4,333 rounded up $4,300, bequeathed $4,255 and latched on to $4,200. SnapNames has 46 more sales ranging from $2,000-$4,000. You can check those out in the table below:

Additional SnapNames Sales Between $2,000-$4,000 $4,000 $2,600 $3,900 $2,600 $3,800 $2,600 ("rentals" in Spanish) $3,689 $2,513 $3,633 $2,506 $3,606 $2,505 $3,518 ("crazy girl") $2,450 $3,500 $2,306 $3,455 $2,272 $3,399 $2,272 $3,321 $2,256 $3,300 $2,250 $3,200 $2,250 $3,105 $2,176 $3,095 $2,175 $3,022 $2,161 $3,019 $2,150 $3,000 $2,149 $3,000 $2,050 $2,970 $2,050 $2,900 $2,009 $2,777 $2,001 $2,000

At took in $7,500, collected $6,324 and brought $5,500. sold for $5,000, made $3,688 and rang up $3,000. went for $2,888 while and served up $2,000 each. 

Back at Moniker/DomainSystems, fortified the ledger with another $7,200. Meanwhile plugged away with at $7,100, at $5,311 and at $4,900. Also at Pool, attracted $4,368, came in at $3,787 and admitted $3,560 inhaled $3,436, pumped out $3,250 and hit a high note at $3,100. pulled in $2,907 and stacked up $2,850. Pool also scored with ($2,450), ($2,350) and ($2,250)

Sedo's .com stable included at €3,800 ($4,573), at $3,800 and at $3,500. fetched another $3,249 and booked $3,200. Elsewhere, changed hands for $4,500 at and traded for $3,200 at Enom's Club Drop. Club Drop also sold for $3,000 and for $2,600.

Global Contenders (.biz, .info, .net & .org)

The Global Contenders got their fair share of this week's booming domain business, posting two of the year's three highest GC sales. #1 downloaded a whopping $27,500 at Sedo in the second highest GC sale of 2006 (trailing only at $28,100). 

This week's #2 domain,, ranks third on our year to date list at €19,000 ($22,864), not far off what the non-hyphenated version sold for in 2004 ($28,000). We think it is pretty remarkable that while .net (one of the three original extensions) has posted more sales than any other GC extension this year, there are now two .infos that have sold for more than any .net domain this year. 

In its best outing of the year, .info also scored with #3 at $10,500 and #9 at $3,257. Not bad for a "new" TLD. .Net took awhile to get warmed up, but wound up reeling off five chart entries in a row, starting with #4 at $7,600 and #5 at $7,100. .Net easily won the overall numbers game, taking 13 of the 20 chart entries.

Among the sales venues, SnapNames and Sedo both had big weeks in this category with SnapNames taking 8 chart positions and Sedo claiming 7. Here's a complete look at the Global Contenders list for the week ending March 26:

Global Contenders Top 20
 Highest Reported Non .Com Global TLD  Sales 
(.Net, .Org, .Biz & .Info) Mon. Mar. 20, 2006 - Sun. Mar. 26, 2006
Euro to Dollar Conversion (€ to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Tue. Mar. 28


Sold For

Where Sold
1. $27,500 Sedo
2. €19,000 = $22,864 Sedo
3. $10,500 Sedo
4. $7,600 SnapNames
5. $7,156 SnapNames
6. $5,000 Sedo
7. $4,500 Pool
8. $3,633 SnapNames
9. $3,257 Moniker/
10. $3,210 Pool

11. $3,000 Sedo
12. €2,400 = $2,888 Sedo
13. $2,810 SnapNames
14. $2,800 SnapNames
15. $2,600 Sedo
16. $2,472 SnapNames
17. $2,400 SnapNames
18. $2,194 SnapNames
19. $2,130 Pool
20. $2,100 BuyDomains

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

Underscoring the strength in the market this week, another 21 Global Contenders cracked the four-figure mark this week. SnapNames had the lion's share of those (13 in all) including at $2,051, at $1,550 and a pair at $1,450; (typo) and (typo) went for $1,151, added $1,050 and contributed $1,024.

On the .net side of the ledger at SnapNames, pitched in $2,050, and sold for $1,100 each and corralled $1,050.

The perennial popularity of 3-letter domains was apparent at Sedo as well where brought £1,150 ($2,008). Sedo also posted a rare .pro sale, depositing $2,000 for tallied €1,500 ($1,805) and turned in $1,800. (translates to "health and safety standards" in German) closed at €1,000 ($1,200) and went for $1,100. Sedo secured another $1,000 for

At Afternic, presented $1,111. At Pool, accurately predicted $1,051 and remained celibate at $1,005.

Country Codes

The country codes also enjoyed a sensational week with three of the year's biggest ccTLD sales coming in the past 7 days. That remarkable German IDN, Stä ("city travel" in German) led the way at €50,000 ($60,168) in the year's second biggest country code sale. Only ($80,000) has been larger.

There were so many strong ccTLD sales this week we expanded this chart from 12 to 20 positions. Canada's .ca accounted for five of those spots, led by #2 at $36,050. was another big one at $7,500. Auctions at Pool and other venues for additional .ca domains ended in the mid four figure to low five figure range this week. If those transactions are completed you will see another wave of .ca domains on this chart next week. 

This big wave of prime .ca drops occurred because CIRA (the Canadian domain administrator) had halted .ca drops for a month while they reworked their deletion procedure. When the gates re-opened last week a lot of gems came over the transom at once.

In other five-figure sales this week, #3 went for £10,000 ($17,438) and drew €8,400 ($10,108). Germany's .de (the world's second most popular extension behnd .com) racked up 7 chart entries this week, including another strong IDN sale, Geschirrspü ("dishwasher" in German) at €4,250 ($5,114).

America's country code, .us, continues to surge with #5 selling for $8,000 at Sedo and #12 going for $3,900 at Afternic. is interesting because the .info version sold for just $555 in October 2005. Well-known .us investor Chris Zouzas was the buyer of, giving him another prime keyword in an already star-studded .us portfolio.

 Here's a look at the complete Country Code Chart for the week ending March 26:

Country Code Top 20
 Highest Reported ccTLD  Sales: Mon. Mar. 20, 2006 - Sun. Mar. 26, 2006
Euro to Dollar Conversion (€ to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Tue. Mar. 28


Sold For

Where Sold
1.  Stä (IDN)
("city travel" in German)
€50,000 = $60,168 Sedo
2. $36,050 Pool
3. £10,000 = $17,438 Sedo
4. €8,400 = $10,108 Sedo
5. $8,000 Sedo
6. $7,500 Pool
7. Geschirrspü (IDN)
("dishwasher" in German)
€4,250 = $5,114 Sedo
8. €4,000 = $4,813 Sedo
9. €3,900 = $4,693 Sedo
10.  €3,850 = $4,633 Sedo

11.  $4,000 Pvt Sale
12. $3,900 Afternic
13. €2,250 = $2,708 Sedo
14. £1,400 = $2,445 Sedo
15. €1,950 = $2,347 Sedo
16. $2,188 Pvt Sale
17. $2,160 Pool
18. €1,700 = $2,046 Sedo
19. $1,717 Pool
20. $1,605 Pool

CLICK HERE for our Year-To-Date Charts.

This was easily the biggest week of the year for ccTLD domains. Even after expanding this chart from 12 to 20 positions we had ten more four figure sales off the chart. All but one of those were more jewels from that flood of .ca domains, all sold at Pool. laid down $1,600 while, and went for $1,250 each. splashed on $1,111 while,, and drew $1,050 each. Sedo cracked the .ca monopoly with going for €1,000 ($1,200). Sedo also sold for $750 while Pool added $777 for In a bit of a surprise, considering went for $2,160 (to rank 17th on our chart), the singular version,, attracted just $500 at Pool.

Now that you're up to date on what happened over the past week, check out how the leaders stand year to date in all categories by visiting our Year To Date Charts page.


As always, we welcome all verifiable sales reports from companies, private sellers or individuals with knowledge of an important sale made through any channel. To contribute information and help make this column better,  just drop a note to

We truly appreciate the industry leading companies who share their sales information with us to help everyone in the business get a handle on current domain values. Richard Meyer of DotCom Group, LLC also provides invaluable help in collecting data for these sales reports each week.

Every Tuesday we publish the highest reported domain name sales for the previous week. On Monday our contributors send us their sales data for the previous 7 days. We then compile that information and write this report for Tuesday night publication to give you the freshest sales report in the industry. 

Editor's Note: If you wish to review previous Domain Sales columns, they are available in our Archive.

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