April 03, 2015

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Fabulous Affair: Australia's  T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Down Under Conference Enchants Attendees With Fun, Freshness and Flair
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By Ron Jackson 

The fun at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Down Under continued during the post-conference activity day Friday (Nov. 21), a day that was finally blessed with perfect sunny weather. The action got underway with a morning Learn to Surf session. 

Above: At first the domainers were saying "Hey, this surfing stuff is easy." 
Then they found out they had to do it on the water!

Below: Rick Latona (left) and Dan Kimble give it a go.

Soon after everyone was back on dry land and just before they headed to an afternoon outing to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, four domainers experienced an extremely close shave - literally. 

Take a close look at (left to right) Ammar Kubba, Merlin Kaufmann, Dan Warner and Michael Robertson. Just minutes after this photo was taken by Jay Westerdal each of these gentlemen was sporting a much different look than the one you see above.

This hair-raising (and snipping) event was hatched at the show's tropical island dinner party the night before when Thought Convergence COO Ammar Kubba approached Fabulous.com COO Dan Warner about soliciting the crowd for a donation for cancer research. Warner told Kubba if he could get attendees to contribute $10,000 he would shave off all of his hair. Kubba started working he crowd and within minutes he met the goal and over the next 24 hours it was far surpassed with a total of AUD$25,000 (about $19,000 U.S.) in the pot. True to his word, Warner kissed his locks goodbye.

Above: Howard Neu wields the clippers as Dan Warner's hair falls to the floor. Further 
down the line you see Ammar Kubba and Micheal Robertson in hot seats of their own.

At left: The end result - Dan may have to answer to the nickname "Cue Ball" now, but he can easily disarm any hecklers with one question  - "How much money did you raise?"

The original fund raising goal was easily eclipsed when Kubba agreed to face the razor himself as did Fabulous.com's Business Development Director Michael Robertson and domainer Merlin Kaufmann. Robertson got his hair cut into a mohawk (you see his Fabulous teammate Jen Sale doing the honors in the right hand photo below).

Kaufmann allowed his beloved beard to go under the blade (see the left hand photo below). The experience was so traumatic Kaufmann had to calm himself with a round of pina coladas as soon as the ordeal was over!

While Kaufmann (above) got out of a hairy 
situation relatively unscathed, Kubba took 
the opposite tack, apparently deciding to heed the old maxim - no pain, no gain. 

Since his head is already clean shaven, Kubba allowed the hair on his legs to be yanked out 
with wax strips! Kubba had to look away when Susan Prosser pulled the trigger (photo below). 

That could not have been fun but all four men agreed that it was well worth it to help such a good cause.  Kudos to them as well as to all of the donors who backed them with their generous donations. 

With a beautiful afternoon now waiting outside, it was off to Currumbin for an up close and personal encounter with Australia's unique and wondrous wildlife, a story that is best told in pictures. 

Domainers head into the unspoiled beauty of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

There were kangaroos everywhere and they loved people (especially those carrying food!)

I wouldn't want to have to pay the Worker's Comp 
insurance bill for this crocodile feeder at Currumbin!

Jay Westerdal (Thought Convergence) feeding the lorakeets 
(and lending his head as a landing pad for one of the brilliantly colored wild birds). 

What would a trip to Australia be 
without seeing the cuddly koalas?

Unfortunately we lost a good man at 
Currumbin. Sean Stafford failed to heed 
the "Don't Feed the Pythons" sign!

The Currumbin trip the was the perfect way to end an unforgettable week. The next morning it was off to the airport for the grueling ride back home. Yes, it was filled with delays and misadventures, just as the flights over had been, but this time I didn't even care. The week Down Under had been so delightful that nothing the airlines could subject me to was going to tarnish those memories!

Congratulations to the Fabulous.com team on a job spectacularly well done. I know that going into it you all said this was going to be a one off event but I have a feeling you are going to be subjected to considerable arm twisting on that score in the months ahead! 



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