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August 18, 2016

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Blockbuster 3-Letter .Com Sale & a Huge New gTLD Sale Lead This Week's Top 20 Chart

We're used to seeing big numbers when 3-letter .coms change hands but this week's chart topper still managed to scale new heights. In the biggest 3-letter .com sale reported so far this year - and one of 2016's 10 biggest sales regardless of category - AUS.com was moved in a private transaction for a cool $345,000. That kind of figure usually points to an end user buyer and that was the case here with Allied Universal Services digging deep to secure a name that is an obvious natural for them. 

In another eye popping sale Donuts Inc., who operates close to 200 new gTLD registries, announced the $115,000 sale of CO.LTD - again to an end user - China's Hangzhou e-business Institute. That is one of the five biggest new gTLD sales reported so far this year and one of the six biggest non .com gTLD sales (a group that also includes popular legacy extensions like .net and .org). Five of the top six sales on our Year to Date Non .Com gTLD Top 100 Chart (the second chart on the page linked to) are now new gTLDs. That quintet trails only the chart leader, Recovery.net, that has led the elite list since January after selling for $200,000

Sedo took the next two spots on this week's all extension Top 20 Sales Chart with #3 Mamma.com at $72,999 and #4 ENS.com at $43,166. AUS.com and ENS.com combined with Sedo's $30,000 sale of #6 HSE.com to give the 3-letter .coms three of the week's six biggest sales. 

By Ron Jackson

Sandwiched in between Sedo's two 3-letter .com sales was #5 Chapter.com, a name that Flippa.com moved for $40,000 en route to filling four places on the Big Board. Sedo had their usual strong outing, piling up 10 of the 20 chart entries including the other two non .com gTLD sales - #11 Psychic.org at $12,000 and #16 Ultrasound.biz at $9,500.

The ccTLDs scored twice with Mark Hershisher's $17,500 sale of #8 Mojo.tv setting the pace for the country code domains. Also coming on board at 13 (tie) is Park.io's $10,000 sale of Leaf.io

Everything else went to the .coms - 15 places in all - including AbdulBasit.com's $24,000 sale of #7 43Things.com. Here is how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the week ending Sunday, August 14, 2016:

HealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. Aug. 8, 2016 - Sun. Aug. 14, 2016
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect August 17, 2016)


Sold For

Where Sold
1. AUS.com $345,000 Pvt Sale
2. CO.LTD $115,000 Donuts Inc.
3. Mamma.com $72,999 Sedo
4. ENS.com €38,200 = $43,166 Sedo
5. Chapter.com $40,000 Flippa
6. HSE.com $30,000 Sedo
7. 43Things.com $24,000 AbdulBasit
8. Mojo.tv $17,500 Pvt Sale
9. PABY.com $16,000 Sedo
10. ClintonKaine.com $15,000 Pvt Sale

11. Psychic.org $12,000 Sedo
12. RealHosting.com €9,999 = $11,299 Sedo
Leaf.io $10,000 Park.io
Zoba.com $10,000 Flippa
15. VidaHotels.com $9,999 Sedo
16. Ultrasound.biz $9,500 Sedo
17. Woodpeckers.com $9,000 Flippa
18. Donnie.com $8,502 Flippa
19. H5H5.com $8,000 Sedo
20. Watch-Guide.com $7,500 Sedo

Keep in mind that these are the highest value cash only sales that have been reported to us in the past week. This column is meant to be an educational tool, not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Such a list is impossible to produce because many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers or both. Our procedure for verifying the accuracy of domain sales reports is available here.

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.Com Supporting Cast

Sedo led the .Com Supporting Cast of four-figure sales with MoneyBazaar.com at $7,000. Nursery-Rhymes.com notched $6,000, while Optibid.com banked $5,650 and three others - CloudRealty.com, Kollaborative.com and TenDollarStore.com - added $5,000 each.

Mildred.com made another $4,980, EnergyDeals.com generated $4,847 and Altago.com tallied $4,407. Sedo had 21 more sales ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 that are listed in the table below:

Additional Sedo .com Sales Between $2,000 - $4,000
digitalmarketingmastery.com $4,000   kanme.com $2,750
dynastyfootball.com $4,000 teaklife.com $2,688
newmarketdental.com $4,000 gainsmart.com $2,650
servicegroup.com $4,000 exuberance.com $2,500
zoomwatch.com $3,900 gainx.com $2,500
worksourcestaffing.com $3,500 oktoy.com $2,500
casecamp.com $3,250 printchamps.com $2,488
76h.com $3,155 embercorp.com $2,177
missioneducation.com $3,075 bookpodcast.com $2,001
afassociates.com $3,000 datingoffers.com $2,000
sjgas.com $2,988   

SnapNames sold Caustic.com for $5,295 while Famattry.com fetched $5,000, Koumen.com collected $3,710 and Imgctrl.com commanded $3,335.

Back at Flippa, Distillate.com deposited $6,413 and NYCLaw.com landed $2,597.

Country Codes

The ccTLDs were led by the two five-figure sales you saw on the all extension leader board above. The highest sales in this category that you haven't seen yet are a quartet of names that tied for #3 on our  latest weekly Country Code Top 20 Sales Chart. Each went for $5,000 with Park.io selling Agor.io and Transact.io while DomainMedia.ca moved MyMakeup.ca (sold to L'Oreal Canada) and Flippa sold Oar.io.

Sedo swept 13 of the 14 remaining chart entries including two that tied for #7 at $4,520 apiece - Grazmobil.at and H.gs.

The British Indian Ocean Territory's .io won the extension race with five chart entries followed by Great Britain's .co.uk with four.  Here is how the country code leaders stacked up for the week ending Sunday, August 14, 2016:

Country Code Top 20 Sales Chart
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. Aug. 8, 2016 - Sun. Aug. 14, 2016
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect August 17, 2016)


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Mojo.tv $17,500 Pvt Sale
2. Leaf.io $10,000 Park.io
Agor.io $5,000 Park.io
MyMakeup.ca $5,000