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August 08, 2016

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Huge Week for Domain Sales Including a 7-Figure Deal That is the Year's Highest & Ten 6-Figure Sales! 

The prices on this week's sales chart are so high you might want to put on an oxygen mask before looking at them. We knew we would have some big numbers to chart as we are in the midst of publishing thousands of previously unreleased sales from Uniregistry (a process we detailed last week when we charted their January & February 2016 sales). 

This week's column includes their March and April sales and next week we will wrap up the 2016 transactions they reported with their May and June numbers. We broke them into groups due to he extra time needed to process the unusually large number of transactions made over the past 17 months that all came in at once. That work includes filtering out sales that were already reported to us by others (and thus already charted earlier) and separating sales into the categories we use for our charts including .coms, non .com gTLDs and ccTLDs.

By Ron Jackson

Here is the especially interesting thing that we saw this week. Uniregistry has the very big presence we expected but the five biggest sales came from five different places - a sign that things are going well on many fronts in the aftermarket. Exhibit #1 is the year's biggest sale to date. Jade.com claimed that honor and the top spot on our latest weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart after changing hands for $1,250,000 in a private transaction (replacing LA.com - sold for $1.2 million in May as the 2016 leader). I had heard about Canada's Jade Mine Resources Inc. buying Jade.com earlier this year but didn't have a confirmed price until now. That came from George Kirikos who, as he has done so many times in the past, discovered the answer while examining the company's government securities filings.

In another blockbuster - and the year's 4th biggest sale to date, Larry Fischer revealed that his company - GetYourDomain,com, acting as the seller's broker, moved #2 YK.com for a cool $900,000. Another long time industry investor (who prefers to remain anonymous) kept the ball rolling with a $315,000 sale of #3 Promotion.com in a private transaction. Sedo was next up to the plate and they  launched another one out of the park - picking up $200,000 for ADA.com. Uniregistry then rounded out the first five with OrganicBaby.com at $168,000 - and then went on a tear, sweeping 12 of the final 15 positions.

Two of the three sales Uniregistry did not claim in that closing run were made by the same person who sold Promotion.com - #6 (tie) ForexBrokers.com at $150,000 and #13 (tie) CountryInn.com at $80,000. The third member of this trio was the only non .com domain on the leader board - #16 SinterKlaas.nl (meaning "Santa Claus" in Dutch), a ccTLD that sold for €50,000 ( $55,500) at Catawiki.com (a sales venue that could be viewed as a Dutch version of eBay).

That doesn't mean it was a bad week for the non .com domains though - in fact quite the opposite - both the ccTLDs and non .com gTLDs had some very impressive sales (new gTLDs included) that you will see in the sections of this report that cover those categories. The ccTLDs had eight 5-figure sales and the non .com gTLDs had six. There have been many weeks when any five-figure sale would have made the all extension Top 20 Chart - this just happens to be one that was so bountiful there wasn't any room left at the inn for sales that normally would have ranked much higher.

 Here is how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the week ending Sunday, July 17, 2016:

HealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc
eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. July 11, 2016 - Sun. July 17, 2016
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect July 20, 2016)


Sold For

Where Sold
1. Jade.com $1,250,000 Pvt Sale
2. YK.com $900,000 GetYourDomain
3. Promotion.com $315,000 Pvt Sale
4. ADA.com $200,000 Sedo
5. OrganicBaby.com $168,000 Uniregistry
Bookkeeping.com $150,000 Uniregistry
ForexBrokers.com $150,000 Uniregistry
NeverFail.com $150,000 Uniregistry
9. PAH.com $115,000 Uniregistry
HOX.com $100,000 Uniregistry
Sniper.com $100,000 Uniregistry

12. GVIP.com $88,000 Uniregistry
ClearTax.com $80,000 Uniregistry
CountryInn.com $80,000 Pvt Sale
15. Waders.com $77,500 Uniregistry
16. SinterKlaas.nl
("Santa Claus" in Dutch)
€50,000 = $55,500 Catawiki
17. GYY.com $52,000 Uniregistry
SEIF.com $50,000 Uniregistry
Supe.com $50,000 Uniregistry
20. Prebiotics.com $48,000 Uniregistry
21. Voyant.com $45,000 Uniregistry

Keep in mind that these are the highest value cash only sales that have been reported to us in the past week. This column is meant to be an educational tool, not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Such a list is impossible to produce because many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers or both. Our procedure for verifying the accuracy of domain sales reports is available here.

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 (2003 to Now)

.Com Supporting Cast

Our .Com Supporting Cast usually consists of four-figure sales but, as was the case last week (and will be again next week), we have so many notable previously unreleased sales from Uniregistry that dozens of five-figure sales have joined this category. Uniregistry had the highest of those with DPF.com at $40,500, URBO.com at $40,000 and Ambassadors.com (co-brokered with MediaOptions.com) at $38,000.

Three others - HostVIP.com, OneCash.com and Trip360.com - secured $35,000 each. Operatives.com posted $31,000 while another trio - AVOT.com, ItsMyTurn.com and Residente.com - returned $30,000 apiece

Uniregistry had 391 more four-figure sales ranging from $2,000 to $25,000 that are listed in the table below:

Additional Uniregistry Sales Between $2,000 - $25,000
adventcalendar.com $25,000   smithhealth.com $5,000
cellshop.com $25,000 sportystyle.com $5,000
edibleflowers.com $25,000 stocklabels.com $5,000
goodmans.com $25,000 taxirome.com $5,000
investingsense.com $25,000 telacare.com $5,000
nodeposit.com $25,000 theglue.com $5,000
sextherapist.com $25,000 thriveglobal.com $5,000
wapp.com $25,000 tnse.com $5,000
allnutrition.com $24,000 unobstructedview.com $5,000
trustpower.com $24,000 upscore.com $5,000
meteora.com $23,000 valeti.com $5,000
sotasty.com $22,578 volaire.com $5,000
bigday.com $22,000 wisium.com $5,000
keypoint.com $22,000 worldwideequipment.com $5,000
almendra.com $20,000 writingprompts.com $5,000
bleem.com $20,000 sunalert.com $4,900
golgi.com $20,000 kingsinn.com $4,800
lawmen.com $20,000 identityserver.com $4,750
legalwill.com $20,000 medicinehatrealestate.com $4,715
missmatch.com $20,000 koloni.com $4,600
smoothskin.com $20,000 beyond360.com $4,500
vintagejeans.com $19,500 fuelplay.com $4,500
baymark.com $18,000 massivedata.com $4,500
designjobs.com $18,000 muslimclub.com $4,500
keytosuccess.com $18,000 mvpmedia.com $4,500
lotterynews.com $18,000 readouts.com $4,500
starwin.com $18,000 spektr.com $4,500
solti.com $17,750 tractionmotor.com $4,500
solamere.com $17,500 vr-city.com $4,500
meedia.com $17,000 careerly.com $4,410
pgdx.com $17,000 levelaccess.com $4,400
howdo.com $16,655 cigarettecards.com $4,300
breakoutgames.com $16,000 immocheck.com $4,250
vibratoy.com $16,000 loveuniversity.com $4,250
cloudchain.com $15,380 badir.com $4,220
getmycar.com $15,000 fractionaljets.com $4,200
hornsby.com $15,000 abans.com $4,000
microinsurance.com $15,000 automotiveleads.com $4,000
miway.com $15,000 cannary.com $4,000
movu.com $15,000 churchsocial.com $4,000
naturehike.com $15,000 cubicom.com $4,000
newsboards.com $15,000 diabeticulcer.com $4,000
seethelight.com $15,000 forwardrealty.com $4,000
successnetwork.com $15,000 mailparser.com $4,000
waipu.com $15,000 milffinder.com $4,000
marvelmedia.com $14,500 modernflair.com $4,000
herbavore.com $14,400 northpond.com $4,000
livingwith.com $14,160 pressureulcer.com $4,000
familysurvival.com $14,000 relaxationvr.com $4,000
gamename.com $14,000 riosanjuan.com $4,000
profitnetwork.com $14,000 skyflow.com $4,000
impactfunds.com $13,899 swiss-property.com $4,000
projectorlamp.com $13,000 thinktrader.com $4,000
hoteltacoma.com $12,500 tomae.com $4,000
1to3.com $12,100 trueagent.com $4,000
ablehealth.com $12,000 tvlifts.com $4,000
bluewren.com $12,000 yogurtcoupons.com $4,000
crmd.com $12,000 ekoya.com $3,999
drapeaux.com $12,000 equationpartners.com $3,999
historicflags.com $12,000 empiremassage.com $3,900