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After a Fast Start to 2023 High End Domain Sales Were MIA in Latest Public Reports But a Lot is Going on Out of View

Out latest bi-weekly Top 20 Domain Sales Chart is the new year's first one without a six-figure or higher sale on it. Just two weeks ago there were three at that level totaling over $1 million. Any time there is a pause at the high end of the market, especially with all of the economic turmoil in the world today, some immediately start wondering if its just a hiccup (which we've seen many of over the years) or the start of a longer down trend. There are certainly a lot of headwinds out there (which has made the great start to 2023 all the more surprising) so anything could happen but we'll need to see a lot more data over a longer time frame to make any kind of sound judgment.

On the plus side I have been in contact with a couple of the world's top brokers over the past two weeks and both are currently closing seven-figure sales but those are unlikely to be reported publicly due to NDAs. If you want a great overview of where things stand now and where they may be headed, be sure to check out our latest Cover Story that was just released this morning: With Economic Uncertainty Everywhere Andrew Rosener Details the Impact on Domains and Why The Best is Yet to Come. Andrew is one of those top tier brokers who are constantly closing six and seven figure sales out of public view, so they have more insight than any of us into what is really happening on the high side. I've always said, if we could see all of the sales that happen it would absolutely blow people's minds. What is released publicly is just a small fraction of aftermarket activity and it is the bigger sales that are the ones that mostly likely to be subject to non-disclosure.   

What we did see this time out are lot of solid mid-range sales led by Millionaires.com at $60,100 via SnapNames.  We also witnessed a big rebound for the ccTLDs who piled up seven chart entries after having just one in our last report. #2 Vital.io, sold for $60,000 at Sedo, led the charge for the country codes domains. Two others reached the top ten including a $44,231 sale of #4 More.ai by Logan Flatt at Media Code LLC and Buzzoo.com's $27,500 sale of #6 CIV.co.

After racking up seven charted sales last time out, the non .com gTLDs were limited to two this time around the track, led by Swetha.xyz's $49,499 sale of #3 Earlybird.xyz. The buyer, a a cross-chain messaging protocol for sending data between blockchains, already has their new site up on the domain.

While the prices weren't as high this week, one thing remained the same - the .coms claimed the most chart entries with 11 spots on their side of the ledger.








           By Ron Jackson

Here is how all of the leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending ending Sunday, March 12, 2023:

The DN Journal Top 20 
Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. Feb. 27 - Sun. March 12, 2023
(Foreign currency to U.S. Dollar Conversions Based on Rates in Effect March 15, 2023)



Sold For

Where Sold

1. Millionaires.com $60,100 SnapNames
2. Vital.io $60,000 Sedo
3. Earlybird.xyz $49,499 Swetha.xyz
4. More.ai $44,321 Media Code LLC
5. Elek.com $40,000 Sedo